Best Beds for Small Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Sweet dreams are made of this, who are we to disagree? Take a look at our selection of best beds for small dogs. Pint-sized doggos need a lot of comfort!

While small breed dogs are generally thought of as lap dogs, it doesn’t mean that your lap is an ideal resting place for them. Petite dogs need beds of their own, made to support their small frame and offer perfect comfort and coziness. The right bed should offer good quality of sleep, keep them warm and toasty, and be a safe place for your pet. Check out best beds for small dogs that meet those standards- and look fabulous to boot.

1. Editor’s Pick – Bedsure Small Dog Bed for Small Dogs

It’s no secret at all that small doggos often imagine they are as big as a Great Dane. But that is no reason to splurge on a huge dog bed- they will simply be lost in all that space. A small dog bed is a much better choice for comfort and support both, and Bedsure offers this superbly cozy design with raised edges for extra snugness.

The outside of this bed is lined with smooth and subtle suede leather and features a nifty non-slip rubberized bottom. The inside is lined with warm and endlessly comfy Sherpa fabric and will be the favorite snoozing spot for every dog. What is more, the center spot doubles as a pillow and can be removed and reversed depending on the season. If your dog prefers a cooler surface, just flip the central pillow, and voila! This design comes in three super fashionable and attractive colors – the classic beige and camel color, the exotic aquamarine washed blue, and an elegant brown and cream. All in all, it makes for a wonderful choice if you have a petite pupper!

2. Runner Up – Best Friends by Sheri! Shag Donut Cuddler

The round shape of this adorable Donut Cuddler bed allows your pint-sized pooch to comfortably curl up, or take a nap while using the raised rim as a sort of pillow- it offers head and neck support. This faux shag fur bed has a waterproof bottom, it’s machine washable and dryer friendly- so you’ll love it as much as your dog.

3.Best for Travel – Utotol Dog Car Bed

You want your pet to be both safe AND comfortable when accompanying you on the ride, and Utotol Dog Car Bed will provide both. The seat bed fastens with buckle straps to the car seat to stay in place, and there’s a built-in leash strap so you can attach it to your pet’s harness and make sure they stay put and safe in case of an accident. The seat will also protect your car from hair, dirt, or any damage- the outer part is sturdy and durable oxford cloth, whereas the cushion and the interior are made with the softest plush material.

To further make it convenient for traveling with a small dog, this dog bed has a storage pocket on the side for your pet’s toys or snacks, and folds easily into a carrying case to be stored away when not used- and it’s small enough to stay in your trunk for those unplanned visits to the vet. You can choose between 6 colors if you want to match the bed to your car’s interior, too!

4. Best Cave – Best Pet Supplies Cave / Tent Bed for Pets

The ancestors of our pampered pets were once den animals. Those basic instincts still remain, and for many dogs, it’s the cave-like beds that offer the most comfort and create a feeling of safety. This beautifully designed tent comes in faux suede, linen or corduroy and it’s filled with soft poly-foam lining.

5. Best Self-Warming – Pet Deluxe Dog Bed

Baby, it’s cold outside! Your pooch will need to stay snug and warm when the temperatures drop and what better way to get cozy than a toasty bed to crawl into and take a long nap? Pet Deluxe Dog Bed uses ingenious design to reflect your pet’s body heat back to them, making the bed always warm without the need for batteries or an electric outlet to produce the heat. Made with durable oxford cloth with a non-slip bottom, the interior of the bed is faux fur, so it won’t just be warm but extremely soft as well.

Thanks to raised sides, this dog bed will be comfy to pooches that prefer having a headrest, but it is spacious enough for a small pooch that prefers sleeping in the fetal position, as well. Coziness is all but guaranteed when the cold weather starts- the only downside is that it comes in a single color.

6. Best Best – nononfish Dog Bed

No matter how small your pup is, there is no reason why they can’t snooze in style and with comfort! This super cute small bed from nononfish is a sure way for your small pooch to have a cozy spot of their own. The round, donut shape of this fuzzy bed creates an artificial “nest” effect and satisfies that natural denning instinct for coziness that all dogs have. This special dog bed slash pillow is ideal for a spot beside the fireplace or at the foot of the sofa and has a special raised rim for extra safety as well. The bed is filled with premium quality virgin pearl cotton, ensuring the feeling of snoozing on a cloud. The outside is covered with faux fur which will further make it toasty and cozy and a dream to sleep on the whole year-round.

For convenience, there are silicone beads that prevent sliding on the bottom of the bed, so no slipping on tiles or hardwood floors. Another great thing about nononfish Dog Bed is that it’s machine washable, which makes for easy and quick cleaning. To boot, this small dog bed comes in 14 colors to choose from so you can match your pet’s bed to your other furniture with ease.

7. Best Support – Precision Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic

This round bolster bed is plush, cozy and most importantly- offers support for your pet’s neck and joints. The soft polyester fill makes for an enjoyable nap session, especially with the luxurious faux shearling fabric that covers the cushion. It’s machine and dryer safe, too!

8. Best Orthopedic – PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed

The solid, 2.5 inch thick memory foam inside this orthopedic bed provides superior support and comfort for joints. If you have a senior dog or a pet with mobility issues, reducing their pain and discomfort is one of the most important things to do- and this water-resistant, orthopedic bolster bed can help with that.

9. Best Sherpa – The Frisco Ortho Sherpa Cuddler & Cushion

The stylish design of this dog bed proves that affordable pet products can look modern, elegant, and expensive. The base of the bed and bolsters are covered with gray chenille jacquard, and the soft polyfill double-sided cushion has soft cloud Sherpa on one side and a geometric twill print on the other.

10. Best Basic – AmazonBasics Octagon Pet Bed

If your pooch thinks that regular round beds for dogs are so passé, why not go for octagon? The raised sides, or the eight super fluffy pillows around the round cushion in the center, offer support and unparalleled comfort to your favorite furry napper. The cushion is soft, comfy and machine washable. Pawesome!

11. Best Machine-Washable: Amazon Basics Round Bolster Dog Bed with Flannel Top

If your pet likes to curl up when they sleep, this octagon-shaped bolster bed is just the thing. Raised sides embrace your pooch when sleeping curled up or provide a headrest when they nap sprawled out. The surface of the cushion and inner sides are made from plush flannel that will make your pooch feel like they’re sleeping on a cloud, and the sides made from durable polyester canvas ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

The brown and creamy white color combo is neutral enough to fit in any living room or bedroom without sticking out like a sore thumb, so if you want something toned down, this will be a big plus. Another great thing about this bed is that it can be machine washed in cool water, so you can rest assured that your pooch’s bed will look brand new for a long time.

12. Best Sofa – Aspen Pet Sofa Bed

The ultimate trick: to get your pet off of your furniture, simply buy them some of their own. This adorable miniature-sized sofa for small pets is filled with 100% recycled fiber, while the covers combine stylish Sherpa fleece with suede bolster and gusset for style and comfort both.

13. Best Burrow – Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

A safe little cuddly nook for your pet’s siestas, this cave bed combines recycled fill with deep interior plush and ribbed faux suede finish for coziness and comfort. The special process of filling makes sure that it doesn’t shift around in the bed, but rather stays under the pet for the whole time.

14. Best Donut – INVENHO Orthopedic Dog Bed

How can you make your senior pupper’s golden years more enjoyable and comfortable? No matter the size of your pooch, they deserve to be comfy at all times, and that’s especially true for older dogs. This orthopedic bed for small dogs from Invenho is an ideal way to soothe your senior pup’s aching joints and offer them a cozy nook of their own to snooze away. This dog bed features a popular donut shape that imitates a welcoming nest that your dog will simply love- it’s like sleeping in a warm embrace. The bed is filled with premium virgin airsoft cotton fibers for maximum comfort, while the outside is covered with super soft and cozy shaggy fabric that perfectly imitates fur and ensures a natural and comforting touch for your pupper.

The edges of this bed are raised, but not too much- just enough to envelop your pet without creating any issues for easy access to the bed. What is more, INVENHO Orthopedic Dog Bed can be quickly and easily machine washed making it fresh and clean again and again- talk about convenience! You can pick between 4 solid colors printed with contrasting geometrical print- a stylish addition to any home.

15. Best Memory Foam – FurHaven Sofa-Style Memory Foam Top Pet Bed

The three-bolster design makes sure your pint-sized pooch can sleep in a variety of odd and less odd positions. Whichever the crazy sleeping position, they’ll have the support they need! The sofa-style bed is made from CertiPUR-US certified memory foam with fluffy fill bolsters for orthopedic support.

How to choose the right size of bed for a small dog

You might think that picking out the bed according to size is a no-brainer: just pick one that ticks all the other important boxes and then go for the small or extra small size label that fits your petite pooch, right? While in some cases this might work (based only on pure luck), that’s not the way you should determine the right bed size for your pet. The first mistake that pet owners make is to go by their pet’s weight or breed as a determiner, and it usually doesn’t ensure that the bed will fit their pet properly. The fit of the bed is extremely important and you should make sure to measure correctly if you want your pet to be comfortable and have the proper joint and back support. Too small or even too big and their bed won’t relieve pressure points even if it’s comfortable enough, so you need to get one that will be just right – and that golden spot is usually 10 inches more than you think your pet requires. So how to get the right dimensions?

Take a tape measure and measure your pet from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail – and add circa 6 to 12 inches to the number you get and that’s roughly the length of the bed you’re looking to get. Of course, you’ll have to account for sleeping styles as well. Pets that sprawl their limbs all over the bed while they sleep will need the most space, those that curl up in a ball can manage with a tighter fit, whereas pets that like their head elevated or leaning against something need bolster beds with cushioned sides. And remember, when in doubt- always go a size up.

Types of small dog beds and which to choose

Not all pooches have the same sleeping styles and what’s cozy and comfy for some doesn’t necessarily have to be for others. There are many different designs out there, but here are a few of the most popular types of small dog beds – it’s up to you to figure out which of ‘em will be the perfect match for your tiny pupper.

Classic cushion beds

Also known as pillow beds, these are some of the most basic designs on the market: as the name suggests, they’re literally a big pillow for your pet to sleep in. While their cheap price and simplicity might look tempting to some pet parents, it’s best to splurge a bit more and get your pet a cozy bed that will offer the right support.

Orthopedic dog beds

Ideal for senior dogs or just if you want to think in advance and postpone or prevent health issues, orthopedic small dog beds are designed to offer superior support for aching joints and relieve pressure points. Usually, they are made out of high-quality memory foam or at least contain a layer of it.

Bolster dog beds

For pooches that love leaning their head against a pillow while they sleep, bolster beds with raised sides are a dream come true. With those overfilled pillows on the sides, naps will be extra cozy – but be sure to go a size up when buying bolster beds for dogs.

Donut beds

Somewhat similar to bolster beds, these round dog beds have a cushion in the center and slightly raised sides that are a good compromise between a flat pillow bed and bolster bed. Plus, these beds are often easy to come by and budget-friendly, so that’s another plus in our book.

Cuddler beds

As the name suggests, these dog beds will make your pooch like he’s sleeping in your warm hug. Designed to envelop your pooch’s whole body- like a cozy cave of sorts- they are often made from faux sherpa and faux fur materials that are warm and super soft to touch. Great for pooches that like to sleep curled and snug as a bug.

Heated dog beds

For your cold-sensitive petite pupper, there’s nothing better than coming home from a walk in the cold to cozy up in a warm bed. Special heated beds for small dogs make sure that the temperature of your pooch’s nap spot is always optimal, even when they weren’t around to heat up the bed. To boot, they come in versions that require electricity to work and those that use special heat-reflecting materials instead.

Outdoor dog beds

When you’re out in the garden or kicking it back on the porch, why not have your pooch keep you company in style? There are plenty of dog beds that are designed to be used outside that could help your pooch be around you but still be comfy while you’re doing your thing. No better way to soak up the sun and get that vitamin D than snoozing away in a comfy outdoor bed!

Travel dog beds

If you often travel with your pooch in tow, you know that organization and useful accessories are the key to a successful pet-friendly trip. To make sure your dog is comfortable on your trip, whether you’re staying at a hotel or camping in the forest, travel dog beds are a must-have. These compact and portable versions of standard dog beds ensure your pet always has a cozy place to sleep in- wherever you are.

Crate or kennel dog beds

For dogs that have separation anxiety, crating can be a stress-relief: but only if you do it properly. One of the most important things is furnishing the crate in a way that makes it inviting and cozy, and setting up a comfy bed is the first step in that process. Luckily, for each type of crate, there’s a matching bed to be found – with plenty of design variations to choose from.

Additional Resources

What features to look for when choosing beds for small dogs?

The first thing to look for is the type of bed that will suit your petite pooch. You might want a heated bed for your senior, an envelope-style cozy den, or an orthopedic bed to keep your pet’s back healthy even when they come into golden years- and that’s just to name a few. Once you figure out which type of small dog bed is the best for your pet’s needs, pay attention to the durability, materials (whether they are for year-round use or seasonal), ease of maintenance, and of course shape and dimensions.

How often should I replace dog beds?

Dog beds are not as durable as one might expect- humans replace their mattresses every few years, but in reality, for dog beds that number goes way down. For most mid-range dog beds, it usually takes a year for the cushion to flatten or lose shape and the bed stops being comfy to sleep on. Investing in a high-quality dog bed made from more durable materials could give you a year or two more. Either way, a good rule of thumb is to change dog beds whenever you see that they’ve lost shape or became worse for the wear from stains and rips.

Why do I need beds for my dogs?

While your pet might like to snuggle up to you on the sofa or sprawl on the tiles, that’s not actually good for them. Your pet’s body needs to be properly cushioned to prevent a myriad of health issues such as hip pain and stiff joints, and getting them a quality bed early on can halt these issues significantly. Additionally, dogs like having a place of their own, a den of sorts, and a cozy pet bed will give them a private nook where they can retreat and snooze away whenever they want.

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