What A Treat! Politicians Turned Into Delicious Bonehead Biscuits

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Donald Trump has never looked – or tasted – better! A new Kickstarter campaign promises to turn 2016 Presidential candidates into yummy dog snacks.

Pet parents both north and south of the border are suffering these days. I’m not talking about the epic slide of the stock market that has us scrambling to protect our savings; it’s much worse. It’s almost time to elect a new President and every wannabe leader has hit the campaign trail making bone-headed statements that have us all swearing off news feeds in any shape or form!

A company called Funproductive (out of the US) saw an opportunity here. Fed up with the crass comments, immature innuendos, bad toupees, and apparent lack of character on display as we head towards an election year, they countered with a genuine product for those we deem most loyal and true blue – our pooches. It’s called the Boneheads 2016 and unlike those who influenced its creation, this product is made with real ingredients and integrity.

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While these dog biscuits and treats are made from wholesome ingredients and are produced by Americans for Americans (sorry Canadians) what makes them a real stand out is, well, their shape.

Nope, not a Milk-Bone knock-off, nor a star, bull or bear. They’re shaped like the candidates! I kid you not – each one is shaped to look like the head of one of the more news-worthy candidates: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and of course, the Donald.

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Funproductive used 3D-modeling software, 3D printers, silicone baking molds, and then mixed up a batch of biscuits using nothing but healthy ingredients (think whole eggs, flour and peanut butter versus powdered cellulose, propylene glycol and sodium tripolyphosphate) as well as good ole “American ingenuity”.

Their goal is to get the Boneheads 2016 to market and they’re using Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds. Their goal is a meagre $5,000 and they’re already well on their way. Want to contribute to a campaign where everybody wins? For just $20 you’ll receive a box of mixed Boneheads (yes, all five leaders) and a Boneheads 2016 t-shirt. Kick it up a notch and for $50 you’ll receive five 2-lb boxes, each containing your choice of leader as well as a Boneheads 2016 t-shirt.

Vote for four more years of mouth-watering dog treats on the Boneheads 2016 Kickstarter page.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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