6 Sparkling Ways to Ring in the New Year With Your Dog

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Bid adieu to 2020 (FINALLY) and say, “Hello, we didn’t know if we’d ever get here,” to 2021 with your best friend! This is likely to be the most different New Year’s Eve anyone in our lifetime has ever had and who better to go through that with than your furry family member. Just because it’s different, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and meaningful, so follow these tips for a safe, fun celebration with your dog.

Keep it Quiet

Fireworks and New Year’s Eve: The two go hand-in-hand, usually to the dismay of our poor furry friends. Find ways to keep the noise down at home. Consider turning on the TV or radio to provide some background noise. If your pet’s anxiety seems extreme, consult with your vet beforehand to decide on a stress-fighting solution. The truth of the matter is that since there are not likely to be large fireworks displays for mass gatherings this year, more neighborhoods will likely celebrate on their own with poppers, firecrackers and sparklers that may sound much louder to our dogs. This may be the time to be sure you use something like Adaptil Calm to ensure your dog’s nerves are not shot before the clock strikes midnight.

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Contain Yourself

Scared pets can bolt, so keep them contained safely in the house. Even if you’re able to get out or to celebrate in a socially distanced manner outside, you don’t want your dog to take off. Be sure to keep your doggo safe inside, and it would be wise to consider something like the Whistle GO Explore tracker just in case he makes a dash. The Whistle GO Explore will give you real-time tracking and priceless peace of mind.

Dog-Friendly Treats and Mocktails

New Year’s celebrations need lots of tasty treats and cocktails. Don’t leave your pets out of the deliciousness. Whip up a batch of dog-friendly treats. They can be as simple as a cup of frozen Greek yogurt or a “mocktail” of a little Parmesan cheese sprinkled in your pet’s water.

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Craft Pet-Approved Party Hats

Whip up a festive hat (like these mini top hats) to bedazzle your dog. Take tons of social media-worthy pics of your pets in cute party hats. Or, if your dog isn’t the hat-wearing type, a festive collar looks just as cute and can be more comfortable for some pets. Think sequins! Think fedoras and feathers. Think FABULOUS like this hat from Chewy.  

Make NY Resolutions for You and Your Dog to Do Together

Sat around and binged watched Tiger King and Schitt’s Creek this year? Need to work off the COVID-19 (and we’re not talking about the virus)? Want to make 2021 the year you get fit? Sign up for a new dog sport like agility for the two of you to get in shape together. Commit to a daily walk or a weekly adventure like testing out new hiking spots. You’ll be more likely to stick to your resolutions if your best bud is involved, and you can do all of those things relatively safe and physically distanced. Besides, it’s more fun with them anyway.

Have A Ball While The Ball Drops

While Times Square will look weird and different, the ball is still going to make its famous drop. So, why not have a ball with your pup while you wait for the ball to drop (from the comfort of your television, of course)? Your dog will love the individual one-on-one time with you, and you can even make it an Insta fest and take some fun pics to post for posterity. And you can get ready to pucker up so you can….

Kiss Your Pup at Midnight

As the clock strikes 12, give your pooch a smooch to ring in 2021. The New Year’s kissing tradition harkens back to superstitions about love. The midnight kiss can supposedly dictate whether you’ll have a lucky, love-filled year… or not. (Did the whole world forget to kiss someone in 2019?)

Whatever your beliefs on superstitions, there’s no one better to smooch than your best friend, most loyal companion, and the guy or gal who loves you no matter. , snuggle and look forward to a new, brighter, better year!