Ask The Hairy Dogfathers: 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

The Hairy Dogfathers are all about starting the New Year off on the right paw. Here are a few resolutions that are easy to keep and involve your dog.

If there one thing we love more than our dogs, it’s telling people what to do. New Year’s seems to be the perfect time to share our combined knowledge, so we’re pleased to present our list of New Year’s Resolutions for you and your dog!

  1. Get out more together. Working late, Netflix marathons and inclement weather are no excuse for skipping the daily walk. Your dog relies on this for mental stimulation and overall wellbeing. But guess what? Walks are good for you as well! Daily walks reduce stress and increase your cardio. Make it a plan to get out, every day. No excuses! Taking 365 walks this year? You bet!

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  1. Stoop and Scoop. Whether it’s in your yard or out on a walk, stoop and scoop. Don’t bend and pretend! Dog waste on public or private land is a major biohazard, polluting watersheds and just in general being a big gross no-no. What about poop in your yard, surely you can leave that a day or two? Not so much. If your backyard serves double duty as your dog’s playground and bathroom, do your dog a favor and clean it up, before it gets into your house!
  2. Eat better. This one goes for both of you. Brush up on your label reading skills to learn what goes into the food you are both eating. Most green, leafy vegetables have health benefits for dogs and humans. Add in some healthy homemade treats for variety and added health benefits – if you need some inspiration, check out Amy’s recipes!

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  1. Play More. Everyone benefits from a play session. You’ll enjoy a boost of endorphins, and quality time will increase the bond you have with your dog. Make a point to get down and play with your dog. We keep a few toys out of reach of the dogs, and they only come out for quality time. Nothing delights the dogs more than seeing that special toy, because they know it means we are going to have fun!
  2. Do some good. This can be as simple as going through your dog’s old collars and toys and donating them to a local rescue group. Or downloading an app, such as ResQwalk, and raising money when you walk together. Doing good things feels good, and doing good things when you are with your best furry friend feels even better!
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