Ask the Hairy Dogfathers: Grand Day for a Grand-Dog

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Your daughter’s big day has arrived… but she’s not the one in white, her dog is! A grandmother asks the Hairy Dogfathers for advice about the big day.

Dear Hairy Dogfathers,

From the moment our daughter was born, I held her in my arms, and pictured her life. You know, high school graduation, going off to college, getting married, and having kids of her own. Things didn’t really follow that linear plan, but I am still proud of her. We watched as she grew, always more interested in animals than people. After college she saved and bought a house, and with much carefully research and planning she welcomed her first dog. We enjoyed having a gift under the tree for our “grand dog.” But now, things have gone just a tad weird.

We received a wedding invitation in the mail for our grand dog.

I have no idea how to proceed. As the “grandmother of the groom,” what is my role in all of this? Do people give gifts? Do I wear what I would to a normal wedding? Please don’t laugh. I truly have no idea on how to how to proceed.

Signed, Grandmother of the Groom

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André says:

I apologise, I couldn’t help but snicker, but only because I remember my reaction when I first heard of doggy weddings… but realizing that it wasn’t a joke, I accepted that it’s now a thing people do. It’s nice to see that you have been supporting your daughter in her passion, and I’m sure she has greatly appreciated you making the effort to being so nice to your “grand-dog.” Now buying gifts for special occasions is one thing, but a wedding… I can see how this is a difficult issue for you. My suggestion is to treat the wedding similarly as you other occasions such as Christmas, basically keep the same theme but make it doggy appropriate. Wear something nice, but nothing fancy that may get ruined in dog friendly place. Here’s a gift idea: buy a small gift like his and hers dog bowls. If your daughter has went to the effort of planning this, it’s clear that it’s something she cares about, so support her by making a little effort and ask her if there is anything that you can help with.

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Kevin says:

Summer is the time for weddings! I am a little bit jealous, but I will keep checking the mail. I am sure my invite is on the way!

Well, honey, this is a party. So act like it! Take this and RUN with it. Call up your daughter and set a date for dress shopping. You don’t need to go crazy and blow the budget, but think of this as a chance to add to your wardrobe. This is a great opportunity for some mother-daughter time. No matter the occasion, it’s going to bring you and your daughter closer together. Perhaps after dress shopping, you two can set a lunch date and go pick out a wedding gift as well.

Honey, be thankful. At least it’s a wedding, not a funeral!

Hairy Dogfathers
Hairy Dogfathers

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