Modko Litter Boxes Keep Your Decor Clean and Classy

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Who knew the kitty litter boxes could look so good? Modko litter boxes are easy to use, environmentally friendly and super chic.

Finding a litter box that is both environmentally friendly and offers a no-mess solution is easier said than done. Plus, having a rectangular box in the corner of any room is also often not only smelly, but really cramps your interior decorating style. But Modko, the makers of two uber-cool kitty litter boxes, are aiming to change the way you look at your cat’s bathroom.

Modko has two decor-friendly kitty litter boxes: the Modkat Litter Box and the Flip

Litter Box.

The first kitty litter box that Modko released was the top-entry Modkat Litter Box ($119.99). When your cat hops up on the box and heads down, he’ll be greeted with soft kitty litter to go about his business.

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With this box, clean-up is almost effortless. Simply unsnap the top and scoop up your cat’s mess with the ergonomic scoop (included with the purchase of the litter box) and you’re good to go. To make replacing your kitty litter easy, this top-entry litter box comes with a blue plastic liner that can be re-used multiple times before you need to replace it.

The top locking lid acts as a mat for your cat, catching most of the leftover litter debris that your cat may catch in between their paws. Plus, the lid acts a barrier between the “treasures” inside and whomever may stick their heads (or hands) in there – we’re talking about you, Fido, and yes, you too, human baby.

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Should your kitten disapprove of the top entry, Modko also offer the Flip Litter Box, which features a front entrance. The seamless base promises to keep your floor leak-free and the paperboard liners even show you how much kitty litter to fill with measurements on the inside.

This litter box is a little more cost effective ($79.99) and has paperboard liners rather than a reusable one (it’s still environmental friendly)! The design provides easy access for scooping and cleaning, while offering a spacious interior and three privacy positions to accommodate any cat’s preference. This litter box can be used with or without the liner (as some cats dislike them), but using a liner makes for easier clean-up.

To get your kitty hyped up with a new litter box, head on over to Modko.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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