Spy on Your Cat With the Cat2See Camera

Hey there 007. Need to keep a close eye on your cat burglar? The Cat2See Kit has your back with the latest in feline espionage equipment!

Ever consider spying on your cat during the daytime when you’re at work?

Maybe you’ve wondered why your cat is getting fatter even though you don’t feed her any more than usual. Or why she appears to be so tired some nights when you get back from work. Or what she’s doing at any moment in time.

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Have you noticed mysterious paw prints on the white carpet that leave you dumbfounded as to what she is doing during the day?

All these are legitimate thoughts and concerns. In fact, I remember watching a video of where a cat went during the day. The cat terrorized other cats and small animals, killing them, then came strutting back home and acted all cute and pretty, purring marvelously!

It’s time to start spying on your cat to see what he’s really up to when you aren’t looking. And the way to do it is Cat2See.

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Inventor Amir Guterman thought of everything with this cat spying kit. It includes a smart camera that captures what’s happening around your kitty in a 270 degree arc. That’s not all. It’s activated by your cell phone – what could be better than that?

The cat spying kit also includes an interactive feeder that releases food when you want the cat to eat. There’s also a rod game where you can play with your cat by controlling it from your mobile phone.

And if you can’t live without the sound of your cat’s purring, it’s no problem. There’s a speaker you can hook up so you can hear kitty’s sweet voice.

Amir’s goal is for cat lovers worldwide to get with your cat. And if you can’t trust your cat… well, who can you trust?!?

Pick up your own Cat2See Kit online.

Donna Schwontkowski
Donna Schwontkowski

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