Obe ProBowl Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Just how much is your dog eating and drinking? The Obe ProBowl and phone app has all the answers – it’s a next gen tech-savvy dog food and water bowl.

If you’re wondering whether or not Fido has had enough food and water to fulfill his daily dietary needs, you may find the exact information hard to gather. Food, for example, is easy enough to measure using a measuring cup and suggested serving sizes. Water, however, is harder to measure since you don’t really know how often or how much your dog drinks.

The Obe ProBowl wants to help you keep track of just what goes into your dog’s belly. It’s an intelligent dog bowl that gathers information such as your dog’s weight, how often they drink and how much they should eat. It uses that information to let you know how much you should feed them and how often they have been drinking in the past hour, day, or even up to three months using a smartphone app.

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This product has recently been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016. Judged on functionality, ecological compatibility, innovation and formal quality, the Obe beat out 57 products from around the world.

The product is indeed worthy of such a distinguished award, as it makes everything in your day-to-day life much easier when it comes to your dog’s health. First off, the bowl itself holds a scale that measures your dog food as soon as it’s poured in (you’ll know there’s enough when a light on the front starts glowing). Determining your dog’s serving size is based on your pet’s food (which is scanned using your smartphone), size, age, and activity level. This bowl can hold dry, wet or freeze-dried food. The ProBowl bowl can also be used for water, and using your app, you can see when your dog has eaten their kibble, plus how often and how much water they’ve consumed.

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The ProBowl’s smartphone application also has a nifty little feature that allows automatically knows to order more dog food whenever you run low! It’s part of Amazon’s Dash Replenishment program – this means you’ll never run out of dog food in the house. Your dog’s dinner has never been this smart!

The Obe ProBowl is available for pre-order for $169 at ObeDog.com.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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