There’s a New (and Clever) Litter Box on Kickstarter Right Now

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There have been a good number of product types to see varying degrees of “reinvention” via crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and it seems we have another contender in the market when it comes to cleverly engineered litter boxes. The Janar Litter Box at first glance appears to be a simple and well-designed pod-style litter box, but its simple aesthetic belies the smart functionality resting within. Built into its lid rests an infared-monitoring germicide/deodorant sprayer. This can be programmed to spray on a timed schedule; however, when the sensor notices your cat in the vicinity this spraying schedule will be suspended. The system also monitors how many times your cat enters the litter box—helping you ensure that your furry friend is staying regular.

Handling the litter scoop shovel also becomes a thing of the past with this new litter box. Once its lid is removed, simply open the variable opening slats in the inner bottom half of the box, and then lift to allow litter to flow into its base. Once sifted, a built-in scraping rod can be rotated to break free any clumps stuck to the outer edges of the box. According to the product’s designers, the entire cleaning process can be completed in 25 seconds. And thanks to its deodorizer function, you can get away with cleaning the box every three days. Looking at it, we think they’re being a bit loose with their timing count, but we can’t argue with them when it comes to how their clever features will make life with a litter box that much easier. Beyond the practical, its overall design is a nice touch as well—finally a litterbox that doesn’t have to be shamefully hidden away in a dark corner!


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