10 Cats Spooked by Scary Cucumbers

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Let’s all agree that while refreshing, the cucumber is hella scary! We’re not sure why cats hate them so much, but here are some of our favorite reactions from Reddit’s CatsandCucumber’s subsection.

1.Exit Stage Left

This cat jumps so high, he’d give more than a few superheros a run for their money.

2.Vile Cucumber

That vile cylindrical green abomination makes an appearance to scare a life right out of this kitty – one down, you’ve got eight left, buddy!

3. Abort Mission!

Yet another example of an innocent cat being absolutely mortified by the sight of this vegetable – look at him go!

4. Toy Cucumber

It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake, cucumbers will scare the daylights out of any housecat.

5. Nope’d Right Out of There

This puss backed up so fast, he nearly crashed into the wall!

6. Backing Up

Stepping on this green landmine is simply not an option for this reversing kitty.

7. Slow and Steady

The fear is so ripe, this cat can’t help but to back away slowly… just in case his green enemy awakens and decides to strike!

8. Where’s my water…

While searching for something else, this feline came face-to-face with his most feared enemy.

9. Parkour Puss

When’s the last time you were so scared, you kicked off a wall to get away? This kitty learned the hard way to never turn your back on a human!

10. People are Scared Too

Finally, we’d like to think of this one as sweet, sweet revenge from all those cats that were spooked by this evil vegetable. That… or this guy is a cat at heart!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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