8 Fabulous Hats for Fancy Cats

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1. Posh Pussy

Your Majesty, aka Miss Mittens, will be ready to attend an afternoon tea party now that she has this fabulous hat to perch atop her furry head.

Fabulous Cat Hats: Posh Cat Hat

Get fancy at Etsy.

2. Kitty Beanie

This hand-knit beanie only has eyes for you!

Fabulous Cat Hat: Knitted Cat Beanie

Available at Etsy.

3. Cat Crown

“Bow down to me, human minion.”

Fabulous Cat Hat: Cat Crown

Get yours at Amazon.

4. Mister Purrfect

The hipster hat brings out the dapper in your cat.

Fabulous Cat Hat: Hipster Hat

Available at Etsy.

5. Navy Kitty

It’s always fleet week – this handsome sailor has had his fill at sea and is ready to settle down… for a nap.

Fabulous Cat Hat: Navy Cat Hat

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6.  Fancy Aristocat

A bowtie-and-hat combo brings out your aristocat.

Fabulous Cat Hat: Top hat and bow tie

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7. Nerd Alert

You can always pick out the freshmen on the first day of school.

Fabulous Cat Hat: Propeller Cat Hat

Get yours at Etsy.

8. Bunny Hat

Day 12: No one suspects that iz not a bunny rabbit. Hop, hop!
Fabulous Cat Hat: Bunny Hat For Cat

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