MEOW! Hot Model Loves His Adorable Cat

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
More proof that guys who love cats are hot! Canadian Model Travis DesLaurier adores his fluffy BFF, Jacob.

A self-proclaimed “goofy dude without a shirt,” Travis has rugged good looks that make people everywhere swoon: piercing green eyes, toned bod, and perfectly tousled blond hair (it’s okay to drool)…

but his cutest quality has to be his incredible love for his sweet orange cat, Jacob!

Awwwhh! Look at that cute face! Adopting the kitten helped Travis through some tough times, and the pair has been absolutely inseparable since.

Wish he’d hold me like that! Check out his tattoo homage to Jacob on his shoulder, so sweet.

The kitty, coming in at 20 pounds, even helps Travis work out! Travis sometimes uses Jacob as a weight in playful workout videos. Jacob doesn’t seem to mind the attention at all, and hey, we don’t blame him. If cute guys with kittens were a gym staple, maybe we’d finally use our memberships…

Whew, is anyone else fanning themselves? There is nothing hotter than a man who likes cats, am I right or am I right?

*Dreamy sigh* You can find more pictures of Travis and Jacob on their Instagram account.

Morgan Sterling
Morgan Sterling

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