We’re All Ears for the Neko Cat Ears Motorcycle Helmet

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Safety has never looked this fur-ocious before! Cat-inspired helmets are purr-fect for feline-lovin’ motorcycle mamas.

Not since legendary Bruins goaltender Gary Cheevers donned his custom painted “stitches” goalie mask (hands up those who remembers ‘70s hockey!) and single-handedly introduced goalie mask art, has protective head gear made such a statement.

Fast forward 40-odd years and Russian Nitrinos motostudio has now kicked the creative design bar a little higher with their Neko-helmet.

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First made as a custom order, but now available to everyone, the Neko-helmet is designed for motorcycle aficionados who are almost certainly feline fanciers but most definitely are ready to make a bold statement when they hit the open road. Why? ‘Cuz these helmets have prominent cat ears affixed to them!

You read right; upright, pussy-cat ears that apparently offer no additional wind resistance (no promises when you exceed 100 mph), will pop off in case of a tumble and are guaranteed to get double-takes from passersby.

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As with most helmets, the Neko-helmet is available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and is equipped with a single light protective visor and integral folding sun-visor. It has a removable lining of 100 percent polyester as well as the double ventilation and weighs in at about 1780 grams (or under 4 pounds).

Pricing ranges from $495USD for the basic single color version to a more custom style with three colors that can be coordinated to match your motorcycle gear for $590USD to a totally customized airbrushed helmet that will incorporate any visual or design you choose, for $660USD.

All of course include the signature cat ears feature, are made to order within a 2 to 4 week time frame and can be delivered free to any country (delivery timelines can add between 1 and 3 weeks to the time line). What a purrfect gift for that special biker friend.

[Source: Oh Gizmo]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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