Kyoto Pug Cafe Offers Plenty of Perks!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Japan’s on the leading edge of pet cafes. Need proof? Check out this Pug Coffee House in Kyoto, where you can enjoy the perks of a cup of joe and a friendly Pug!

Okay, so we’re all aware of those pet-friendly restaurants and cafes that welcome our four-legged buddies with open arms, healthy treats and frequently replenished water bowls – some of them even offer special canine culinary creations on their menus.

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Then there are those extra special and highly compassionate cafes that deliver a “dating game” type of venue by bringing in adoptable shelter pooches and giving them the opportunity to check out prospective pet parents (and vice versa) in a relaxed, social environment.

Well hold on to your kibble and bits for this one. The Dog Salon Living Room in Kyoto, Japan brings fur to flesh with their very exclusive, highly discriminating pug café. Yes! You don’t have to own a pug to visit this eatery but you absolutely must be willing to allow the flat-faced, bug-eyed breed to nosh alongside you, sit at your feet, on your lap or just lean in for a good head scratching. In other words, just like home minus the eating from your plate. That attitude and a good lint brush will make you the ideal patron of this discriminating diner!

The pint-sized café (translation: book your reservation well in advance) currently houses 11 pugs who want nothing more than your undivided attention and perhaps a handful of treats. For the low, low price of just $4 you get one bevvie and an hour of time with this, well, bevy of pugs. Fork over $9 and you have unlimited drinks (non-alcoholic) and unlimited time with the hair-em.

Snacks can be purchased separately and if you think you’re going to eat them in peace, you’ve never owned a dog! Wisely, the café offers healthy dog snacks for purchase.

Definitely a bucket list addition!


Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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