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What’s For Dinner? Pet Food Company Goes Green With Grubs

Ever wonder how your dog could help save the environment? A pet food manufacturer is using soldier flies instead of beef in their dog food and claims it&rsqu…

Walkzee Kickstarter Wants To Pair Dogless Walkers With A Shelter Pooch

Who wants to go for walkies with shelter dogs? If you raised your hand, then this Kickstarter project is for you! With urban sprawl running rampant (and with…

Talking To Pets Makes You Crazy… Crazy Smart, That Is!

Does talking to our pets may make us a little quirky? No - in fact, not only is it a normal behavior, it also marks high intelligence in humans.

Sony’s Robotic Dog Gets 4 Paws Up at CES

Sony's robotic dog, Aibo, is making all kinds of new friends at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and proves that you can teach a robotic dog new tricks!

Google Pets Turns Into a Bow-Wow Browser to Help Shelter Dogs

Life at the shelter can be lonely for dogs. That's why Google is bringing them into its offices for a day off to partner with lucky employees.

Dogs Trust Wants You To Give Socks, Not Dogs This Holiday Season

A staggering amount of adopted dogs are returned after the Christmas holidays. Dogs Trust wants to help educate gift givers to this heartbreaking problem.

Most Epic Dog Resume Ever Gets Dog Hired as Professional Best Friend

Today's job market forces us to put our best foot forward. Turns out that one pup had some human help putting her best paw forward with an adorable resume!

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

Doggie Dining Takes A Trip Into Drive-Thru

It's a "Dog eat dog " world... and one entrepreneurial Dog Mama took that to heart. She opened Bane and Vader's, a healthy Doggy Drive-thru restaurant!

Cardboard Canine Costumes Crack Us Up!

Cosplay is fun, but let's be honest...all those costumes can add up. A Japanese woman has found a hilarious and cost effective way to dress up her dog.

Want Fido to Be Your Coworker? Here Are the Best Dog-Friendly Companie

According to Rover's research, here are the companies that outdo the rest when it comes to their dog-friendly workplaces.

New Plant-Based Gel For Animals Stops Bleeding In Seconds

From minor cuts to major surgery, VETIGEL is the "Band-Aid of the Future." This fast-acting gel can stop bleeding in seconds, helping vets save pet's lives.

Proof Of Why You Need To Fall In Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Nothing says love like a colorful infographic about the affection we have for our four-legged friends The hallmark holiday of the year is this weekend, and w…

ResQwalk App Wants You To Step Up To Benefit Animal Rescues

Walking doesn’t just get you from point A to point B. Thanks to a free mobile app, every step you take earns money for animal charities. Dogs love thei…

Hilarious #SnootChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

There’s a new challenge floating around in the Twitterverse, and it has dogs showing how adorable they are as they attempt to put their best snoots for…

Actress Olivia Munn Loves Wag! So Much She Became An Investor [Video]

Dog-lover and actress Olivia Munn has paired with on-demand dog walking app Wag! to produce and star in new commercial for the company.

Your Dearly Departed Pet Leaves a Permanent Mark on You With Everence

Want to memorialize your beloved pet in a unique way that will have him or her with you forever? Everence has introduced tattoo ink additives that use cremat…

Football Fans Score a Touchdown When Naming Their Dogs [Infograph]

The Super Bowl brings out the fan in all of us. And that passion translates to what we name our dogs - just ask Bacon, Miller and Falcon!

AKC Museum of the Dog Is Headed to New York City

The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog is headed back to the Big Apple with one of the largest collections of dog art in the world.

Wag-Related Tail Amputation Doesn’t Stop This Dog From Finding Furev

The "Happiest Dog In Scotland" has found his happily ever after, adopted after his tail was amputated because he wagged it too much and too hard.

Your Outdoor Adventures Can Help the ASPCA, Thanks to Subaru and REI

Subaru of America has partnered with REI to encourage people to explore the great outdoors with their pets. Post a picture, and they'll donate to the ASPCA.

Product Review: BarkBox Super Chewer Subscription Box

Have an aggressive chewer who destroys even the most durable toy just by looking at it? Your dogs are going to love the Super Chewer subscription box and so…

Quiz: Can You Name These Tiny International Dog Breeds?

Some of North America's most beloved small dog breeds are imports from around the world. We bet you didn't know the backstory of these 10 small dogs.

The Good Stuff Pet Truck Is Coming Soon To a City Near You

With 50% of US dogs carrying unnecessary weight, the Good Stuff Pet Truck shows you how to teach your dog some tricks without putting on the extra pounds.

Say “Cheers” to Pet Gift Boxes… Care of Famous TV Mailman, Cliff

Postal worker Cliff Clavin, aka actor John Ratzenberger, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist, and his latest business venture is the pet-friendliest!

Dog Helps His Humans By Grocery Shopping For Himself

A self-reliant pup in Brazil proves he's just trying to make things easy for his family by shopping for his meals and treats by himself!

Timeout Photo Collection Captures Dogs’ Lament To The Cone Of Shame

How can a thin sheet of plastic cause so much humiliation (and laughter)? Take a closer look at the struggle through the lens of photographer Ty Foster. Bett…

Dog Dives For Golf Balls To Raise Funds For Homeless Animals

A Bernese Mountain Dog was so sad when he watched humane society commercials on TV, he and his dad decided to raise money to donate to his furry friends!

Scientists Reveal a Surprising Similarity Between Dogs and Humans

A study indicates that our canine companions have gut flora similar to ours. Here's how the findings could help nutritional research!

It’s Official: The Puphaus Ensures Your Dog’s Digs Are Better Than

Offering modern and minimalist design, this maintenance-free den is the next level of luxe living for your dog. It's so paw-some, you may want to move in!

Unfortunate Name For a Dog Coffee ‘Perks’ Our Interest [Video]

A woman who created a dog coffee is having second thoughts after realizing the name 'Rooffee' sounds similar to the date-rape drug Rohypnol, or 'roofie'.

Barking in 2018 as the Year Of The Dog

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. PetGuide is celebrating all year long, but let's discover what this year has to offer.

Breeder Connect: The Ethical Way To Connect And Find Your Perfect Bree

In this day and age, life seems to be all about the app. There’s an app for just about everything, and let’s be honest–they do make things easier! That was t…

PetPace Wireless Smart Collar Tracks And Monitors Your Pet’s Health

I'm excited to hear about the PetPace, a new smart wireless collar that monitors your pet's health, vital signs, activity and wellbeing all day, every day.

Napping Grandpa Raised $30,000 for a Cat Sanctuary By Snoozing With Ki

If you were wondering what the term ’power (cat)nap’ means, let this feline-loving senior enlighten you. Earlier this month, a job ad went viral as…

Prom Pooch and Her Date Take the Crown as Best Dressed Couple

A talented teen fashionista made her pooch's matching prom dress - with picture perfect results. They win our "Best Dressed Bitches" award this prom season!

Dog Eats Gender Reveal Cake To Share The Big News [Video]

It’s the day and age of gender reveals and gender parties and one dog from Ontario, Canada decided he was not going to be left out of the fun when he s…

Yes, Dog Museums Are a Thing- And They’re Pawesome!

From 15th century dog collars in England to canine-themed art in Massachusetts, man's best friend can be found in museums all over the world.

Runaway Dog’s PugShot Goes Viral

A Police department on the New Jersey Shore has won the Internet today, posting an adorable “PugShot” of a runaway dog from Maryland. As if pictu…

Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Just call it Barkwatch--a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.'s East Yorkshire!

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Disney Caricature of Service Dog is Picture Perfect

As if the most magical place in the world could be any sweeter, a Disney artist broke the Internet with his caricature of a service dog!

Ancient Pet Cemetery Proves Egyptians Respected Their Family Fur Membe

An ancient pet cemetery has been discovered in Egypt, proving that even thousands of years ago, pets were respected as family members.

Rags-to-Riches Shelter Dog Becomes Face of Shoe Company

Oliver is a pit bull rescued from the Humane Society when he was just a puppy, but he's showing the world how you start off doesn't decide where you end up!

University Students Are Waiting in Line to Walk This Giant Ball of Flu

Thousands of McGill University students are volunteering to walk a big fluffy Pyrenees dog, who quickly became a bona fide campus superstar.

Graphic Design Student Creates Petflix Ads For Shows We’d Binge Watc

A Miami-based university student created a group of posters as part of an animal shelter campaign for a class assignment, and the final product has us wantin…

Food Trucks Are Going To The Dogs

Forget the local chip truck - the Food Truck craze has been taken to the next level. Don't be surprised to see dog food truck on your city streets soon.

PupBox: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Puppies That Keeps On Delivering!

‘Tis the time of year, and we’ve found the perfect gift for new puppies. And for a limited time, get your first PupBox for only $1 with the code…

Delicious Duke’s Delites Aids Pennsylvanian Community Members

A Pennsylvania business that sells delicious organic dog treats also gives jobs to those with developmental disabilities and autism. Duke’s Delites is…

This Cool Startup Promises a Solution for Guilty Pet Parents

Pupple's innovative tech lets you keep an eye on your precious pooch while you're away- and makes it a fun experience for them, too.

Blind Dog Doesn’t Let Disability Stop Her From Being a Service Dog

A little blind pup out of Wisconsin is proving that there's much she can do with some puppy power and perseverance - by becoming a service dog!

Quiz: What Dog Breed Do You Party Like During the Holiday Season?

We want to know what kind of party animal you are - take our quiz to find out what dog breed you party like when it comes to making merry.

In the Big Apple, Posh Pooches Go Hiking With Pros

Busy New Yorkers are paying top dollar to professional dog walkers to take their pooches to scenic hikes. These doggos enjoy the best of both worlds!

“Paws of Gotham” Calendar Showcases Diversity of Pets and People I

The Paws (of Gotham!) are out in the Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue's 4th annual calendar, and it's full of celebrities, influencers and pawsome animals!

British Lotto Winner Donating Pup Palace To Battersea

A British lottery winner is giving the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home a donation like none other–a ‘pooch palace’ that is designed like Winds…

‘Puptern’ Wanted: Texas Restaurant Will Pay You $100 an Hour to Pe

An unusual dog-friendly restaurant posted a job ad that went viral: their offer to employ someone to pet puppies inspired hundreds to apply.

Doggie Showers Are the Newest Interior Design Craze

Installing a custom-made dog shower is not only practical if you are a pet parent, as having this upscale home addition can up your property's value.

“Sleepbus” Gives Homeless Humans And Pets a Place To Sleep

A revolutionary idea out of Australia is helping give the homeless a safe space for themselves and their pets— and the good news is, you can help, too.

Dog’s Coyote-Proof Vest Picture Goes Viral

A chihuahua named Beanie has brought lots of smiles to the faces of Interwebs users as a picture of her in a coyote-proof vest circle has gone viral–an…

Golden Retriever Flower Girl Steals The Limelight at Her Mama’s Wedd

A wedding in Chicago had a very special flower girl, and the bride said that not including her in the wedding was never an option.