Earth Rated’s “Cards Against Caninity” Supplies Laughs and Shelt

Here's the poop: Nominate an animal shelter to win a case of fleece blankets, and you're entered to win Earth Rated's hilarious card game.

What Time Is It? It’s Time To Get The ArtyA “Oh My Dog” Watch!

Time and art are perfectly combined in the ArtyA "Oh my dog" watch collection. Precious pooches are lovingly painted on one-of-a-kind luxury timepieces.

Gwen Stefani Launches Harajuku Lovers Pet Line At Petco

Do you have a Hollaback Dog that goes bananas for trend-setting fashion and accessories? Petco unveils the Harajuku Lovers line for pets by Gwen Stefani!

Cute CryptoKitties Mobile Game Lets You Breed and Buy Digital Kittens

An innovative Canadian company has created a game about digital felines that has people going crazy to buy newly 'bred' cryptokitties!

What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Wine Taste?

Using the American Kennel Club as a guide, we've come up with a quiz that tells you what kind of wine you'd like, based on your dog breed group preference.

Street Artist Blows Our Mind With Brilliant Metallic Dog Mural

At first glance, you’d think this was a giant metal monument of man’s best friend… and you’d be wrong. This shiny, happy puppy is…

Good or Bad Idea: The World’s First Automatic Dog Washing Machine

This brightly colored dog washer promises to keep your dog in place and cleans your pooch from snout to tail. Um, no thanks, we'll pass...

Ring-Bearing Dog Loses Wedding Rings Right Before Ceremony

Dogs are often included in wedding parties. But when it comes to keeping the rings safe, perhaps you should give that job to someone more reliable!

Online Retailer’s Customer Service Department Understands Pet Loss

Out to prove that businesses aren't faceless, an online pet store is reminding its subscribers that they feel their pain when a furry family member passes.

Gus Kenworthy Rescues Another Puppy From Korea

Olympic skier and all-around amazing human Gus Kenworthy has adopted a new puppy into their family, just months after his beloved puppy Beemo died of a heart…

Your Pet’s Face Could Be Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s New Bumper Sticker!

NASCAR's pet loving fans will want to enter a contest that will plaster their pet on racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s speedster!

Talking To Pets Makes You Crazy… Crazy Smart, That Is!

Does talking to our pets may make us a little quirky? No - in fact, not only is it a normal behavior, it also marks high intelligence in humans.

Football Fans Score a Touchdown When Naming Their Dogs [Infograph]

The Super Bowl brings out the fan in all of us. And that passion translates to what we name our dogs - just ask Bacon, Miller and Falcon!

These 8 Adorable Pet Tattoos Will Tickle You Inked!

Micro pet portraits as tats are turning heads. Boasting life-like realness, these inky masterpieces are a wearable work of art.

This Brew’s For Bowser: Beer For Dogs Is A Cool, Refreshing Trend

Beer for canines? The growing industry lets you share a drink with man’s best friend How often have you sat on your couch, watching the football game,…

Help Kickstart a Documentary About a Real-Life Doghouse Rescue

Here's a Kickstarter that'll tug at your heartstrings. "Life in the Dog House" follows two rescuers who have brought 10,000 dogs into their home.

We’re Making Reservations for Santa Fe Resort That Has Puppy Petting

If you’re looking for a getaway that has the best type of spa treatment you can imagine, look no further than Sunrise Springs in Santa Fe, New Mexico&n…

Ancient Dogs Provide Clues About North America’s Early Inhabitants

Research digs up evidence on how the North American dog/human dynamic has changed over the centuries New research out of the University of Illinois is using…

How to Create a Successful Pet-Friendly Office

Everyday can be "Bring your Dog to Work Day." Send this to your boss and set your workplace up for success with tips on how to create a pet-friendly office.

Fur Will Fly on Animal Planet’s New Show ‘Cat Meets Dog’

Think of it as "The Odd Couple", but with pets. Reality TV goes to the dogs (and cats) on Animal Planet's "Cat Meets Dog", debuting this fall!

Canine Investigators on the Trail of Amelia Earhart

There are a lot of things scent dogs are trained to do, and researchers are hoping that one of them will be finding the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart!

Cardboard Canine Costumes Crack Us Up!

Cosplay is fun, but let's be honest...all those costumes can add up. A Japanese woman has found a hilarious and cost effective way to dress up her dog.

Dog-Walking Drone Lets You Be As Lazy As You Wanna Be

What do you get when you put the responsibility of walking your dog together with a drone you fly remotely? Answer: The Laziest Pet Owner EVER.

Survey: We’d Rather Have Pet-Related Perks Than Pets in the Workplac

Paid pet bereavement and time off to care for pets are more important than allowing pets in the workplace, according to recent survey results.

All Dogs, All the Time on Nat Geo’s WILD BarkFest Weekend

Time to tune into Nat Geo WILD and binge watch your favorite pooch-related TV show as the Second Annual BarkFest begins on April 15.

IKEA Introduces New Pet Line To The United States And We Are “Lurvig

No-frills, simply fabulous furniture store IKEA has taken its furniture line offerings to the next level--introducing to the The Lurvig pet product line.

Golden Retriever Has Feline Buddy’s Back In Cat Fight

A hilarious video of a dog seemingly breaking up a fight between two cats has gone viral and just goes to show how important a wing dog can be for everyone!…

Deer-Chasing Doggo Taken Into Custody, Charged With Being Hilarious

A social media post about dog carted off in a police car after reports of him attacking deer has sent the Internet into fits of activism and giggles.

Panty-Stealing Pussy Prompts Hilarious Apology Letter

What do you do when a real-life cat burglar roams your 'hood? For a woman from Cardiff, England, you write hilarious apology letters and beg forgiveness!

Drug-Sniffing Canine Helps Homeless Shelters Fight Opioid Crisis

A dog's nose knows - and it knows how to help. Sadie the super sniffer is sticking her nose out to help a local homeless shelter keep illicit drugs out.

Study Shows Owning a Pet as a Child Leads to Career Success

An overwhelming majority of business leaders surveyed thinks that having a family pet in childhood played a role in their future success.

Little Girl Walks Her Big Dog, Internet Loses Its S@#t

A little girl in Niagara Falls, New York and her disabled canine best friend have broken the interwebs with their adorableness!

This Kickstarter Pet Robot Is Bound To Be Your Pet’s (Next) Best Fri

Seems every dog shall have its...robot? That's right--now Fido can get in on all the iBot action with Anthouse's Pet Companion Robot.

KYON Pet Tracker Lets Dogs Talk to Owners

A new Kickstarter project aims to improve the way owners interact with their dog - know when your pet's hot or cold, or track their exact location.

Dogwood Modern Designs Are Adorable Wood Puppies

Dogwood modern wood designs will have sitting up. This Kickstarter goes back to basics with the cutest, most perfect puppies ever!

New Device Allows The Blind To Monitor Their Guide Dog

Still in its initial stages, this device allows people who are blind to monitor their guide dogs, lets keep tabs on the health of their canine companions.

You’re Cordially Invited To The First Dog’s Indoguration!

Next week will be historic for many reasons–one of which is the first-ever rescue pup to become the First Dog. That’s right, when President-elec…

Roadie App Helps Canine Cancer Patients Get to Vet Appointments

Roadie, the first On-The-Way Delivery Network, has partnered with the National Canine Cancer Foundation to provide pet parents relief when their pup has canc…

Shelters Will Use Facial Recognition Technology to Reunite Owners With

The sophisticated software, Finding Rover, will analyze the uploaded photo of your pet against shelter databases and look for a match.

Dog Runs For Mayor on Platform of Fixing Pesky Potholes [Video]

Taking a look at U.S. politics, it's easy to say, "A dog could do better." In St. John's, NL, that may hold true as a pooch is seeking to become the mayor!

From Rescue To Runway: Cavalier Newest Model For Designer Karen Walker

Puppy mill rescue Toast is now a fetching model, looking too cool for training school in designer sunglasses The reality behind that puppy in the window &nda…

Indian Pup Pidi Gandhi Takes Over His Dad’s Political Twitter Accoun

Headline grabbing pets are huge, and Pidi, the dog of India's Congress Party Leader Rahul Gandhi, is the latest to steal the hearts of his countrymen!

Doggos Looking For Love On Tinder Want You To Swipe Right! [Video]

Shelter dogs are looking for love in all the wrong places. Animal Ark Rescue decided make Tinder profiles for their pooches in hopes of making a match.

Good Sit Kickstarter Aims To Ease Owner Surrenders Through Education

Many dogs are surrendered due to "behavioral issues." The Good Sit program aims to help pet parents connect the right way with their adopted dog.

These Are America’s Pet-Friendliest Companies of 2018

According to Wellness Natural Pet Food, here is a list of top 10 pet-friendly companies who offer numerous perks for their staff's furry companion.

Japanese Dog Groomer Turns Furballs to Fluffiest Fluffballs Ever

Yoriko Hamachiyo's impawsible canine transformations are taking the internet by the storm, one ball of fluff at the time.

Go Hands Free With PaxLeash, the Extreme Jogging Leash

It's a hands free device that'll help you and your dog on the jogging trail. Thanks to PaxLeash, it's never been easier to hit your #fitgoals.

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Slobbr App Helps Dog Owners Explore More Destinations With Their Pooch

This new discovery app by Slobbr will have you pawsitively drooling at the great big world that's available for you and your pooch to explore.

VitusVet App Gives You Access To Your Dog’s Medical Records 24/7

No matter where you travel, what day it is or the time of day, the VitusVet app gives you access to your dog's medical records, just in case of emergencies.

England’s Poshest Rescue Pup’s Luxe Life Includes Boat and Race Ca

The saying, “It’s a dog’s life,” may be a coveted one these days, as a pampered pup in England has a luxurious lifestyle many could o…

Stealthy Honest Kitchen Bike Ninjas Invade San Diego With Free Swag

Love free swag and dog food? Be on the lookout for The Honest Kitchen’s wily Bike Ninjas We can all agree that ninjas are pretty bad-ass. So what happe…

Meet the Winners of 2017 AKC Canine Excellence Winners

Winners of the 18th annual AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE) include a family pet that detects drugs and a library loving show dog.

In the Big Apple, Posh Pooches Go Hiking With Pros

Busy New Yorkers are paying top dollar to professional dog walkers to take their pooches to scenic hikes. These doggos enjoy the best of both worlds!

Pup-tastrophe Averted By Boyfriend’s Dog-Chewed Heels Creation

What do you do when your dog noms on your favorite shoes? Sometimes it takes a pup-tastrophe - and a wonderful boyfriend - to inspire couture.

Child’s Letter To His Teacher After Her Dog Passes Has Twitter Aflut

The Internet may be mean, but for a bunch of schoolchildren in Scotland, the passing of a teacher's beloved pup brought out the best of humanity and love.

6 Pet Luxuries To Splurge On When You Win the Lottery

If money was no object, would you pamper your pooch with extravagant gifts? Us too - and we'd start with these six exorbitant pet luxuries.

Quiz: Can You Guess the Doodle?

A doodle or poo refers to a dog mix that contains poodle - standard, miniature or toy. Can you match the picture with the right doodle name?

No One-Trick For This Pony-Riding Dog! [Video]

We bet you've never seen a dog ride a one-eyed pony before. But guess what? Today is your lucky day - we've got a video you need to watch!

Dog Nativity Scene Has Us Counting Our Blessings

A star is born, and he's heaven sent! A dog groomer in Leicestershire threw in the towels and the result is an adorable doggy Nativity scene!