10 Bomb-Diggity Borks To Give You A Frighten

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
How dog meme savvy are you? Do you Bork with your buddies? Here are a few Borks that will not give you a frighten.

1. Lesson One

Do not be afraid! Bork like this and the humans will take you outside!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

2. Twinning

Yea, whatever she said.

(Photo credit: Tumblr)

3. Bork Beep

Watch out–we’re fast, we’re furryious and we drive Ford Lobos (okay, so not that fast).

(Photo credit: Imgur)

4. Friends Furevar

Borks aren’t always mean!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

5. Scary AF

Don’t make Hulk angry… You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

(Photo credit: OnSizzle)

6. Happy Father’s Day?

His bork power is growing. Quick, hide!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

7. Overprotective Mum

I shall learn how to bork and when I do, you will regret this day, mother.

(Photo credit: Imgur)

8. Go Away

Stahp, please, this is not helping my mental state of mind!

(Photo credit: Imgur)

9. Enough

Big frightens are not funny!

(Photo credit: Memedroid)

10. Birb Brain

Did you know that birds could bork?

(Photo credit: iFunny)
Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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