10 Dorky Yorkie Gifts To Brighten Your Day

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1. Wine charm

No one will ever doubt which glass is yours when a precious Yorkie is dangling from it!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Wine Charm

Run over to The Yorkie Times for yours.

2. Shower Curtain

This cute shower curtain will put a smile on your face whenever you go to the bathroom… no matter what you may be doing in there.

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Shower Curtain

Get yours at Amazon.

3. Yorkie Doormat

The mailman will know who’s barking even before you open the door with this cute-as-heck doormat.

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Doormat

Surprisingly, Calendars doesn’t just sell calendars!

4. Card

No, it doesn’t matter what occasion it is – birthday, get well, holidays, this card works with everything!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Card

Available at Zazzle.

5. Barrettes

For your fair-haired friend, these Yorke-inspired hair clips will add sparkle to her ‘do.
Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Hair Clips
Get yours at Amazon.

6. Car Decal

Yorkshire Terriers = Life. Enough said.

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Car Decal

Head over to Amazon for yours.

7. Yorkie Mom Jacket

This lightweight jacket is perfect for those trips to the dog park on fresh, breezy days… Just don’t expect to come back without paw prints all over you!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Jacket

Zazzle has got you covered.

8. Luggage Tag

With unique Yorkie luggage tags, collecting your bag from the airport will be an absolute breeze!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Luggage Tag

Available on Amazon.

9. Mug

Did you think we were going to get through this entire list without a mug? If you did, you are sorely mistaken! Classy Yorkie mugs will make all your other ones look trashy!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Mug

Get yours at Amazon.

10. Wall Art

This floral-patterned wall decal is an absolute conversation starter and is, quite frankly, a pawsome work of art!

Dorky Yorkie Gifts: Yorkie Sticker
Amazon has plenty to go around.