10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Puppy Love

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Are you part of a canine couple? Show your dog just how much you love him this Valentine’s Day with these cupid-inspired gifts.

1. Heart dog toy

Perfect for the pooch who stole your heart (and sometimes your food)

Available at Etsy.

2. Pink dog bed

How romantic – cuddling up in bed! Sorry, but there’s only room for one!

Get yours at Dog Bed And Crates.

3. Doggy Gift Basket

Special delivery for Rover – and so much taster than flowers.

Head over to BisketBaskets for yours!

4. Heart Collar

Simple and sweet, just like the loveable dog you’re gifting this to!

Available at You Had Me At Woof.

5. Valentine Shirt

You’ll never forget your first Valentine’s Day together with this sweater.

Order yours on Amazon.

6. Choco-Holic Bar

It’s not real chocolate… but it sure tastes good!

Available at Pet Brands.

7. Dog Spa Day

Every girl knows relaxation is the easiest way to her heart–treat your pooch to a spa day at one of Dogtopia’s many locations!

Get your relaxation on at DogTopia.

8. Magenta Ombre Leash

Classy, adjustable and just your color–it seriously doesn’t get better than this awesome rope leash!

Available at Found My Anima l.

9. Travel Bowl

Transport, store, and serve all your water and food in this nifty bowl, perfect for that romantic picnic at the park with just you and your favourite human!

Get yours on Amazon.

10. Chocolate Box Dress-Up

My dog always knows what I want. *Sniff!

Available at Amazon.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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