10 Oscar-Worthy Swag Bag Accessories for Chic Canines

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
The 2016 Academy Awards airs this Sunday, and you’ll be glued to the screen to gawk at what your favorite celebrities are wearing. Don’t let those bitches have all the fun – make sure your dog is on fleek with Oscar-worthy fashions and accessories.

1. Tiara Terrier

Get ready to give your best queenly tail wag – this shimmering, show-stopping tiara belongs on the head of a true bitch.

Head to Tiaratown.

2. Designer gown Eleganza!

Nails done, hair done… girl, you are on fleek and the pup-arazzi can’t get enough of you! But oh, here comes Bella Mia in a glorious hand-sewn gown to show you up. This is Anthony Rubio’s “Crown Jewels” gown, a doggy dress made with flower-shaped chiffon, silk and hundreds of crystals.

Grab a gown!

3. Chewy Vuiton

What outfit is complete without a fabulous designer handbag? Your little lady is ready to hit the red carpet with this squeaky dog toy that goes with everything.

The poshpuppyboutique carries theses purses.

4. Signature Fragrance

That wet dog smell ain’t going to cut it on the red carpet. Just dab a little Maschio or Femmina behind your dog’s ear or neck. These perfumes, made for both male and female dogs, ensure that all noses will be on your dog, front and center (but not on their behind).

Sniff them out at Dogfashionspa

5. Who are you sleeping with… or what are you sleeping on?

Arrive in style, and then take a nap, in a super soft and luxurious DMW doggy bed. Chauffeur not included.

GWLittle is offering test drives.

6. Posh Paws

Strut your stuff! Rain or shine, nothing will stop your dog from hitting the red carpet. These waterproof dog boots are made of faux leather, lined with suede fleece and feature adjustable Velcro ankle snaps that keep them secure and ensure wardrobe malfunction-free evening.

Step out to alldogboots.com.

7. Luxe Tux

*Swoon! This handsome fella is ready to walk away with a leading lady wearing a suave grey and white tux, adorably adorned with a blue and black polka-dotted bow tie.

Available on Etsy.

8. Delicious Dining

Nobody eats on plastic on Oscar night. Vittles must be served in the champagne flute-equivalent of a doggy bowl. Who do you think he is… a mere extra?!?

Unleashed Life is serving it up.

9. Fur-ocious Leash

When your pooch needs to visit the little girl’s room, lead her out with this gorgeous Italian leather leash that features genuine Swarovski crystals and silver plated zinc hardware.

Time for a shopping spree at Bitch New York.

10. Americanine Express

And of course, to pay for all of your dog’s dresses, tiaras, designer toys and dog bowls, you’re going to need a giant credit card – this squeaky one should do the trick just fine. We’re not entirely sure how you’re going to be able to swipe it on those tiny debit/credit machines, but hopefully the tap-and-go technology works on this one.

Tails in the City will take your card.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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