Ravishing Gifts For Rottweiler Groupies

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

For fans of the Rotty, they’re more than happy to share their passion with the world. And these ravishing gifts for Rottweiler groupies will show everyone they meet how much they love of breed.

1. Shoes

If your Rottweiler ever gets their paws on these shoes, they surely won’t tear them to bits don’t quote us on that).

Walk (or run) over to Etsy for yours.

2. Makeup Bag

Putting on your morning face isn’t as adorable without this cute-AF makeup bag.

Get yours at Amazon.

3. Necklace

No one will mess with you with your Rotty protecting you!

Amazon has plenty to go around.

4. T-Shirt

Unless they look hard enough, your buds won’t even notice the sweet little Rottweiler patiently waiting under the tree!

Available at RedBubble.

5. Messenger Bag

All the bitches will fall head-over-paws for this awesome bag.

Head over to Zazzle for yours.

6. Charm

Hang it from your wallet, phone, backpack – basically anywhere that needs an adorable smiling Rottweiler (which is everywhere, duh!)

Head over to Etsy for yours.

7. Treat Jar

Fido won’t stop staring at this jar once he finds out there’s treats inside!

Storage Supplies Direct has plenty to go around.

8. Hitch Cover

Tailgaters will be a problem of the past once they realize you have a Rottweiler.

Available at CafePress.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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