10 Weird Things Our Pets Do When No One is Watching

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
From dogs to parrots, pets do some pretty hilarious things when they think we aren’t looking. Licking weird stuff, defying gravity, getting comfy in strange places – here are a few moments that have us scratching our heads.

1. Pee Like This

This tree is mine now!

2. Sit In Everything You Love

No bowl, box or jar is too small or too strange for your kitten to park his furry butt in it and proclaim it his.

3. Hang Out

Because life is way cooler when everything is upside down- especially eating! Now give me a peanut!

4. Lick The Window

This usually happens right after we tell friends how handsome and intelligent he is.

5. Pretend to be Human

Be a doll and fetch me a martini, human!

6. Splits Sit

Weird or impressive…we can’t decide!

7. Defying Stretching Logic

Where the heck is your spine and is it made of noodles?!

8. Eat Everything

Because there may not be more food for several weeks – better stock my cheeks up now!

9. Sink Cat

Nope, it does not matter how small the sink is or how large I am – if I fits, I sits!

10. Cuddle Buddies

Their relationship is weird… but arguably adorable as heck.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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