11 Dogs Who Have Mastered the Art of SnapChat

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Snapchat: the go-to place to record hilarious moments while showcasing your sharp humor in the form of a caption. And when you throw a dog into the mix, you have pictures that deserve to live on the Internet forever.

1. Husky Baby

Save me before the vacuum sucks up my soul!

2. Knock- Knock

Not pizza? Don’t care – off you go.

3. Bless You.

No one looks pretty sneezing… no one.

4. Speedy

Lift off was a success, over!

5. Cheeky

It’s gonna be a long winter if she’s storing that much food in her cheeks.

6. Siblings

It’s not easy being the eldest!

7. Beanbag Disaster

Wasn’t me!

8. Gasp

How DARE you, you monster!

9. Manicure

Be a doll and put my favorite toy into my mouth, will you?

10. Runaway

You don’t understand, I had to drink water from a puddle! A PUDDLE – THE HORROR!

11. Pizza

It was love at first sniff.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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