11 Motherhood Goals from a Dog Mom

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Happy Mother’s Day! As a dog mom, I have big dreams and aspirations for my boys. Playing nice with each other; graduating obedience class; not eating their own poop. I’ve set my motherhood goals pretty low, as you can tell. That’s why I can appreciate the advice and photos from other dog moms who’ve embraced all the joys and expectations their fur babies have for them in the future.

Did you know that 10% of your cuteness is lost through your head? That’s why you need to keep a hat on.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing.

Sure, they look like angels when they’re sleeping.

It’s like looking into a mirror

George knows what he’s talking about.


I see myself with a large family.

Mom must be proud

The picture you pull out at big family gatherings.

She’s almost there.

My Christmas card photo this year.

Right here.