12 Flights of Fancy You’ll Squawk Over

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1. Parrot Lego Kit



The only Lego Kit you’ll ever need.

Build yours at Lego.

2. Amazon Shower Curtain


You’ll fall head-over-claws for this delightful shower curtain. The Amazon parrot, however, will most likely destroy it after spotting it from afar the day it is showcased. Oh well, it looked great while it lasted!

Get your feathers wet at CafePress,

3. Budgie Tote



When hormonal, your once-delightful little birdie will go to great lengths to destroy and poop on everything your hold dear. However, once in awhile, they’re on your side–especially when your boss comes over to visit and takes the bird out of their cage and onto the shoulder. Now, just be patient…

Available at RedBubble.

4. Parrot Earrings


It is imperative that everyone know you are parrot-crazy, especially when you’re walking around sans birdie on your shoulder.

Get them while they’re hot at Etsy!

5. Black-Headed Caique Mug


Coffee and caique go together like peanut butter and jelly! Well, not really, but this mug is a surefire way to make your caique think you’ve replaced them with another crazed-looking, hopping friend.

CafePress has everything you need!

6. Hyacinth Macaws Painting


No bird-brain house is complete without a few parrot paintings. Having always had a fascination with these beautifully plumed Hyacinth macaws, these definitely take the caique- I mean, cake.

Available at Fine Art America.

7. Lovebird Towel

Be sure to put this peach-faced lovebird towel in your bathroom to match that dazzling Amazon shower curtain!

Get yours at CafePress.

8. Parrot Boots

Walking on sunshine has a whole new meaning when you have these fantastic, awesome, fabulous, parrot combat boots. FYI: all of those adjectives were definitely necessary.

Available on Amazon.

9. Parrot Scarf


Now whether you’re a parrot lover or not, here’s a product that everyone can appreciate. Breezy and beautiful, this scarf makes a wonderful gift (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Fly over to Etsy for yours.

10. African Grey Bumper Sticker


Keep your distance – I’ve got an African Grey on board!

Available at CafePress.

11. Quaker Mousepad

This mousepad is the perfect gift for the quaker-loving computer tech in your life – or if they just do a lot of work from home while their well-behaved quaker dutifully preens herself on their shoulder.

Get yours at Amazon.

12. Moluccan Cockatoo Phone Case


And finally, for a realistic picture of your parrot in your day-to-day life, here’s a Moluccan Cockatoo screaming his lungs out. Don’t worry, that’s a good sign–it means he’s happy.

Head to RedBubble for yours.