20 Puppies Abandoned In A Field Will Get Their Happily Ever After

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
This could have been a sad story. Thanks to the kindness of strangers, it’s going to have 20 happy endings.

Hunter Greg Zubiak thought it would be just another day out in the fields, but it seems fate had other plans for him.

Last week, on one of his regular hunting trips, Zubiak came across a box of very young puppies — 20 in all — abandoned in the middle of a field near the small town of Glaslyn, Saskatchewan in Canada.

The pups were in rough shape: they were cold, hungry, dehydrated and infected with fleas, lice and worms, though were otherwise in good health. It is speculated that the dogs had been in the field a few hours before Zubiak found them. Any longer and they likely wouldn’t have made it.

Authorities still don’t know who left the puppies there, but that hasn’t stopped people from around the world from jumping to the pups’ aid.

Zubiak took the puppies to nearby Battleford Humane Society, where he’d adopted his own dog from years prior.

Shelter co-ordinator Michelle Spark was shocked, and worried at first too. The shelter was already at capacity before the puppies arrived: the shelter holds 26; the current total being housed there is 46 with arrival of the puppies.

Amazingly, the story of the abandoned dogs has been picked up by the mass media, leading to an unexpected outpouring of time and donations from all around the world. Interview requests have come in from a New York newspaper; people from as far away as Mexico are offering to help. New volunteers are taking turns feeding, bathing and playing with the pups.

“It’s sort of bittersweet,” Spark says of the outpouring. “It’s sad how this all came about, but the support has been heartwarming.”

The puppies are part of two litters — one of five dogs that are six weeks old and one of 15 that are four weeks old. So far seven of the 20 puppies have been claimed for adoption.

Due to their young age, the puppies cannot officially be adopted out until they’re at least eight weeks old, but thanks to this amazing outpouring of support, they’ll be well kept in kibble, teddy bears, kennels and toys until they’re ready to leave.

We can’t wait to see all these poochies make their way to their love-filled forever homes.

To make a donation or inquire about adopting one of the rescued dogs, please contact the Battleford Humane Society.

[Source: Canada.com]

Christina Peden
Christina Peden

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