Dog Parkers: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Touted as a safe place to temporarily leave your dog while you're out running errands, Dog Parker crates have been causing controversy. What do you think?

HSUS Declares California Most Humane State in the US

California comes in again as the most Humane State in the US, according to the HSUS, while Mississippi rounds out the bottom of the list.

Fort McMurray Pet Owners Need Help After Wildfires Rage Through City

Forced to leave their pets behind because of raging wild fires, the pet parents of Fort McMurray are frantic with worry for their furry loved ones.

Canadian MP Wants Products To Be Labeled If Containing Cat or Dog Fur

Canadian MP Brian Masse wants to have all products using cat or dog fur or skin to be labeled so consumers can make informed decisions when buying.

Petco Holiday Wishes Come True For Senior Dog Who Wins $25,000

The Petco Foundation's Holiday Wishes Campaign has "wrapped" - here's the story that stood out among thousands of entries and won the hearts of the judges.

Red Carpet Worthy: 2015 Oscar Gift Bags Include Halo Donation For Home

Lucky A-list Celebrities will receive Halo Donation Certificates in their famous Oscar Swag Bags. It’s a night filled with glitz, glam and wardrobe mal…

Vote For Your Shelter During PAL’s Shelter Showdown

Second Annual Shelter Showdown hosted by Pets Add Life to award $50,000 to animal shelters From October 22 to November 19, 2014, Pets Add Life (PAL) will be…

Istanbul Snowstorms Bring Out The Best As Citizens Care For Stray Anim

Snowstorms recently hit Istanbul, and the city's animal lovers took it upon themselves to ensure the stray animals were safe and warm in the weather.

Labrador Retriever Takes AKC’s Top Spot for 25th Consecutive Year

The votes are in! Where did your favorite dog breed place on the American Kennel Club's 2015 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. list?

ASPCA: Data Shows Fewer Surrenders, More Adoption, and Decrease in Eut

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) releases data that shows there are less animal in the US shelter system!

Research Finds Unlikely Dog Breeds Carry Genes for Genetic Disorders

A new study by University of Helsinki researchers gives dog breeders and veterinarians a comprehensive listing of which dogs get which inherited disorders.

Great News: Nevada’s New Bill 185 Bans Lease-to-Own Dogs

You may have heard about this dog scam - you can "Lease-to-own" a pooch. States are cracking down on it - Nevada has now banned the disturbing trend.

New Research Claims These Guard Dogs Are Best At Protecting Against Wo

Researchers have looked into the best guard dogs against wolves and other predators and have found that three breeds you shouldn't mess with.

PetSafe’s 2015 Bark for Your Park Finalists Announced

Which dog park do you want to win? Place your vote (or woof) for one of the 15 Bark For Your Park finalists - $200,000 up for grabs from PetSafe!

Quadruple Amputee Dog Makes a Little Boy’s Wish Come True

A little boy who had both of his legs amputated has a big wish to meet a special dog, and you can help make that dream come true!

UK Village Looking To Hire Dog Poop Police

Job description: Investigator needed to track down lazy dog owners and return poop that hasn’t been scooped. Baggies included. The Town Council in the…

Study: U.S. Pet Obesity Rates Continue to Rise

Americans aren't the only ones getting super-sized. For the past five years, obesity-related health problems have been the #1 pet insurance claim.

Bush’s Baked Beans Spokesdog Duke Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It’s a sad day for fans of ‘Duke,’ the lovable, talking golden retriever spokesperson for Bush’s Baked Beans, as we learn that he rec…

Study: Dogs Know If You’re Acting Like A Jerk, So Don’t!

As if people judging you wasn't enough, it turns out that your dog knows when people act like jerks, and he doesn't like it one bit.

3 Puppies Rescued From Avalanche Bring Hope To Rescue Workers [Video]

An avalanche in Italy has resulted in the loss of life. But the discovery of three furry little miracles buried under the snow has brought renewed hope.

FDA Issues Update On Jerky Investigation, But No Answers As To Why It

The new numbers are in – but no definitive answer as to why dogs are getting sick after eating jerky imported from China. The U.S. Food and Drug Admini…

Lost Dogs Rescued From Lava On Hawaii’s Big Island

Two dogs who ran away in fear after a volcanic eruption on Hawaii's Big Island were found surrounded by lava, but now they're back at home with their human.

Great Danes and St. Bernards Part of Kentucky Neighborhood’s “11 D

A neighborhood in Lexington, Kentucky has received notice that 11 dog breeds, including Huskies, Great Danes and German Shepherds have been banned.

Actor Carolyn Hennesy Hitches a Ride in the Lucy Pet Foundation Mobile

She may play a lawyer on TV, but for her latest role, actor Carolyn Hennesy will need hands-on experience in the Lucy Pet Foundation Mobile Clinic!

AKC Registers 7 New Dog Breeds From Around The World

The AKC is adding seven new dog breeds to its official ranks. Ranging in sizes large to small, these new recruits make fine additions to the roster.

Study: Like Humans, Dogs Integrate Learned Information While Sleeping

Most dog owners will tell you--their dogs are people too! Now new research shows that dogs' brains even look similar to ours when we are sleeping!

Humane Society Of Canada Fights To Keep Tax-Free Status After Shady Ex

After the Canadian government's decision to shut down the charity, we're reminded we need to take a closer look at the causes we donate to.

Winter Olympians Raise Awareness Against Korean Dog Meat Industry

All eyes are on South Korea as the Winter Olympics nears, but one Olympian is hoping to bring attention to the country's prevalent dog meat trade.

Comrade Cat Runs For President In Russia

First Russia... then the world! We'll be closely following the upcoming Presidential race in Russia, where Barsik the Cat has declared his "Cat"-diacy!

Subaru And CPS Team Up For Next Round Of Pet Safety Product Crash Test

To ensure that pets are protected in cars, Subaru and Center for Pet Safety are out to raise awareness of vital safety measures and identify top crates and c…

Holiday Cheer Comes to Dogs in New Film Merry Woofmas!

Merry Woofmas! X-Factor's Louis Walsh created a holiday show just for Fido and friends, and it's coming out at the end of this month!

Katy Perry’s Assistant Saves Dog’s Life With CPR

Katy Perry is known for her rockin’ vocal chords, but now she is singing the praises of her assistant Tamra, who saved the life of Perry’s dog Nu…

Scientists Want Your Help Choosing Dog Breeds By Looks Alone

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts launched an online quiz to see whether you can tell what breed a dog is by merely looking at them.

New Airplane Pet Monitoring System Gives Pet Parents Peace of Mind

Following the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight, a new pet monitoring system ensures that furry family members are safe when they fly.

WWF Trains Dogs to Sniff Out Ivory and Illegal Wildlife Products

They’ve been trained to pick up the scent of contraband buried deep inside luggage, alert handlers to hidden landmines, locate cadavers and even use th…

Study: Oxytocin Hormone Draws Dogs to Smiling Faces

The modulating role of hormone oxytocin in canine emotional processing has been confirmed, and it might change the way we communicate with our dogs.

Veteran’s PTSD Service Dog Banned at VA Hospital

A combat veteran was given a ticket for bringing his PTSD service dog to a VA Hospital with him, and he's planning to fight the citation in court.

Korean Scientists Introduce the World’s First Cloned Litter Of Dogs

A litter of puppies born in Korea have become the second-generation of cloned dogs, with their 'donor' being the first cloned dog in the world.

Encouraging Research Links Heart Failure Cause and Treatment for Dogs

University of Guelph and Ontario Veterinary College Researchers are working to discover the cause of dog heart failure and how to treat it genetically.

Go Behind-the-Scenes as Firefighters (With Puppies!) Shoot Their 2017

Must-see TV show features adorable puppies and firemen, detailing how the infamous Australian 'Firefighters With Puppies' calendar is made.

Lost Dog Turns Himself In and Calls Shotgun in Cop Car

Ruger, a Black Lab, knows when to ask for directions... or a ride home. This pooch hitched a ride with a police officer when he wandered away from home.

Swine Flu Kills Two Connecticut Cats

A Connecticut veterinarian is warning residents about the possibility their cats could contract the swine flu, after two cats died from the virus.

Hotel Chain Partners With Petfinder to Rescue Adoptable Pets Nationwid

Pets are welcome at Extended Stay America hotels - they are working with Petfinder Foundation to help shelters who rescue and place adoptable pets.

Heroic Dog Dies After Saving 7 People in Ecuador Earthquake Aftermath

After days of digging for survivors in the aftermath of Ecuador's 7.8-magnitude earthquake, search and rescue dog Dayko died of exhaustion.

Study: United Airline Responsible For Half Of Animal Injury and Death

According to Department of Transportation, United Airlines is responsible for more than half the deaths of animals reported from in the last 3 years.

Pet Parents Not Impressed as Trump Calls Pet Owners “Low Class”

American President Donald Trump may have gone too far, for some pet lovers, when he recently insinuated that pet owners were 'low class.'

How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Pets Life?

A recent poll finds that overall, dog owners are prepared to spend more cash on their pets health than cat owners. But it gets more interesting...

Pet Valu Helps Pet Victims of British Columbia Wildfires

British Columbia has been devastated by wildfires. Pet Valu has stepped in to help those families with pets, by donating $100,000 worth of pet products.

Sniffer Dogs Essential to Recovery in Grenfell Tower Devastation

The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington, England has search and rescue teams continuing work, including sniffer dogs with special boots.

Tosh.O Shows How Crowdsourcing is a Pain in the Butt for a Cute Kitten

Crowdsourcing for worthy causes is a common occurrence. Daniel Tosh recently highlighted a worthy one, and, if you don't donate, you're a butt-hole.

Lucky The Dog Tells His Rags-To-Spokes-Dog Story On CBS’ “Lucky Do

Good boy! On the award-winning CBS show "Lucky Dog," Lucky teaches new pet parents how to create environmentally responsible living landscapes.

Study: Being Man’s Best Friend May Be Written In Dogs’ Genes

A new study has found a link between human connectivity and specific genes in Beagles, and helps answer the question, "Why is a dog Man's Best Friend?"

Highly Contagious Canine Flu Making The Rounds In Los Angeles

Los Angeles County officials are warning pet owners that a strain of the canine flu is going around, so be on the lookout for symptoms.

Kids Invited to Enter TurfMutt’s “Be a Backyard Superhero” Conte

Schoolyards are an important place for kids to blow off steam - just like dogs need backyards. Students can win $5,000 to improve their green spaces.

Ad Campaign To End Dog Meat Industry Aims To Touch People’s Hearts

The use of cats and dogs as food in China is commonplace. One agency aims to end that practice once and for all with these emotion-filled posters.

NFL Player Shows Big Hearts Match Big Muscles When It Comes to Pets

After Philadelphia Eagles star receiver Torrey Smith generously paid for 50 pet adoptions, fellow NFLer Malik Jackson wants to keep that ball rolling!

IKEA Recalls Lurving Water Dispenser After Two Dogs Die

IKEA is recalling a water dispenser that was part of their popular Lurvig pet product line, saying there are concerns of suffocation for dogs. IKEA introduce…

Mild Winters to Blame for Active Parasitic Infection Forecast

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) annual report forecasts an unusually high prevalence of heartworm due to a warmer winter.

Dogs: So Nice, We Domesticated Them Twice

Great minds think alike. New research suggests that dogs were domesticated separately in both Europe and Asia at different times in history.

Purina Play Haven Opens At NYC Domestic Violence Shelter

Many women stay in abusive homes because they don't want to leave their dogs. Thanks to Purina Play Haven at Urban Women's Retreat, they no longer have to.