Nail & Bone and Halle Berry’s Nail Polish Collection Helps Rescue Pe

This holiday season, flaunt festive shades of nail polish by nail & bone--with every purchase, 20% of the proceeds go pet rescue and adoption organizations.

Dog Sled Team Rescues Stranded Alaskan Tourists

A group of Alaskan tourists got an authentic experience when a team of Alaskan sled dogs had to rescue their stuck SUV from the snow -- Iditarod Style!

Gus Kenworthy Reunited With Gold Medal South Korean Rescue Dog

Oh, happy day! Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy has been reunited with the dog he rescued from a dog meat farm in South Korea.

“Free From” Claims Help Drive $30 Billion in Pet Foods Sales

It turns out that we want our pets to eat just as well as we do. And it's this focus on quality that's behind a growing niche of natural pet food products.

Don’t Call In Sick Tomorrow: Uber Delivers Puppies To Canadian Offic

Forget having a 15 minute coffee break – Uber and 3MillionDogs bring puppies to your office for a furry meeting you won’t want to skip, in suppor…

Hooch the French Mastiff Wins American Humane Emerging Hero Award

Some days, you'll come across a dog story that will make you cry. Other days, you're lucky enough to hear the story of an inspirational dog. Like this one.

Marines Use Robotic Dog To Help Treat K-9 Service Dogs’ Wounds

Marine special operators are helping design a new robot dog that will help them take care of military service dogs wounded in combat.

Family Flew Home To Chicago But Their Dog Gets Left Behind In Germany

After landing in the United States, a family from St. Louis was shocked to realize their family pet was left stranded in Frankfurt.

AKC Announces Recipients of 2016 Paw Of Courage Award

As a show of appreciation to working dogs who serve and protect our country, the AKC announces the new Paw of Courage award to four worthy recipients.

Man Travels The Country In RV With His 6 Rescue Dogs

A man and his six rescue dogs are on a mission to clear shelters as they travel around the country in an RV visiting every state.

Great Dane Fulfills Squirrel Fantasy, Gets Stuck in Tree

Today in extreme double takes, Kora, a 120 pound Great Dane, found herself at the center of a rescue when she climbed up a tree and couldn't get down.

Mars Petcare Looks To Pioneer Genetic Testing For Canine Eye Disorders

Mars Petcare has bought a company that specializes in canine eye disorders in their efforts to pioneer genetic health testing for companion animals.

Chelsea Handler Welcomes New Furry Friends Into Her Family

Dog-lover Chelsea Handler lost both of her beloved dogs in the last year, but she plans to adopt new furry family members in their honor.

Millennial Homebuyers Choose Homes With Their Pet in Mind

Survey shows majority of millennial homebuyers would pass up on their dream home if it didn't happen to meet their pet needs as well.

Search and Rescue Dog’s First Find Brings Little Boy Back To His Fam

A volunteer German Shepherd search and rescue dog's first find brought a five-year-old lost little boy back to his family, safe and sound.

Canadian MP Wants Products To Be Labeled If Containing Cat or Dog Fur

Canadian MP Brian Masse wants to have all products using cat or dog fur or skin to be labeled so consumers can make informed decisions when buying.

Military Service Dog Receives Tearful Send-off Service [Video]

A Marine working dog received the tribute of a lifetime in his final days, as he battles cancer as valiantly as he had during his years with the Corps.

Veteran and Service Dog Couldn’t Find Work… Until Lowes Hired Them

An Instagram pic from Abilene, Texas home improvement store Lowes has gone viral, and it has everything to do with a new, furry, four-legged employee!

Study: Canine Cancers Linked To Common Lawn Chemicals

Alarming research links canine malignant lymphoma (CML) with lawn pesticides, and has may have implications to the impact of chemicals on humans as well.

The Dog Wedding Movie Contest Will Have Pet Parents Saying “I Do!”

If you've got a picture of your pooch dressed for a walk down the aisle, "The Dog Wedding" invites you to enter for a chance to win awesome prizes! I do!

Drug-Resistant Infection Outbreak in People Connected to Pet Store Pup

About 118 people were affected by the resistant bacteria strain, and it was all because of pet stores over-treating puppies with antibiotic medications.

Don’t Worry Human, Science Says Your Dog Loves You… Lots

The way pooches spread the love to anyone and everyone at the dog park, it can sometimes seem like our dogs don’t discriminate in their affections; but…

Heavy-Metal Icon Ozzy Osbourne to Open Not-So-Hardcore Doggie Daycare

After stepping down as the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne has decided follow the next logical step in his career - open up a doggy daycare.

It’s Official: Largest Collective Pet Wedding Takes Place In China

China is the destination for dogs who want to woof “I do,” as pets in this country play an increasingly important part of people’s daily li…

Paws Up For National Pet Day

Happy National Pet Day! April 11 is National Pet Day - so what does that mean? Do pets get to take the day off (with pay, of course)?

Shocking Stats Reveal The True Cost Of Greyhound Racing

Grey2K USA and the ASPCA study shows 12,000 dogs injured at the racetracks over seven-year period. Greyhound racing has proven itself to be a cruel sport tha…

Study: Are Therapy Dogs Under Too Much Stress?

There is no doubt that therapy dogs do a great service to people in need, but does it take a toll on them? Here's what researchers say about the subject.

New UK Television Show Believes Dogs Can Fly… a Plane

Sky 1 Channel and Oxford Scientific films have teamed up to create a show called "Dogs Might Fly"... and it's exactly what it sounds like.

Ban The Breed Ban: New Research Says They’re Useless

You know the dog breed bans put in place to protect people from bites and attacks? New research out of Norway says nurture plays a bigger role than nature.

Cash For Cuddles – Survey Finds People Willing To Rent Out Their Pet

New on the odd things of what people are willing to rent out – their pets. Some folks are really hard up for cash if they’ll let a stranger off t…

Do Pets Create Community?

There's no doubt that we share a strong bond with our pets. But does this special bond translate to become its own community?

Adorable Photo Series Shows Pitbulls In A Gentler Light

Photographer Sophie Gamand hopes to raise awareness and drive adoption through her #PitBullFlowerPower project. Pitbulls often get a bad rap when it comes to…

Animal Rights Organization Questions TMZ Manipulated Video

American Humane claims the recently 'leaked' TMZ video showing animal abuse in the movie, "A Dog's Purpose," was edited to mislead the public.

Survey Finds Dogs Influence Home Buying More Than Children

A recent survey from SunTrust reports that millennials are more influenced by their dogs than their children when it comes to buying a house.

Humane Society Fights Back Against USDA Records Removal

The USDA is removing years' worth of data about inspection reports for animal facilities and breeders. Now, animal welfare groups are fighting back.

Ohio Burger King Lets Dying Dog Have It His Way In His Last Days

A Burger King in Ohio is offering a terminally ill dog the opportunity to have his favorite food ‘his way,’so that he can be happy in his last da…

Meet Mango: Ontario’s First Dental Therapy Dog

The dental chair is less scary for kids, thanks to Mango - Ontario's first dental therapy dog, who sits with patients while they get their teeth cleaned.

Animal Planet’s “My Big Fat Pet Makeover” Helps Pets Shed The Fl

A new show on Animal Planet has some great tips for helping keep your pet light on her feet....just in time for the holiday season!

Study: Pup Parents Plaster Social Media With Dog Pics

We use social media to update the world on our everything we love. New information shows we use social media for pet postings approximately once a day!

Johnny Depp’s Dogs Receive Death Threats… From The Australian Gove

Even the title of sexiest man alive won’t help you when you illegally sneak your dogs into Australia… as Johnny Depp is learning the hard way. T…

FDA Issues Warning About Popular Flea and Tick Medicines

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued new warnings for veterinarians and pet owners about the possibility of neurological side effects from popula…

Researchers Say DNA Testing In Pedigree Dogs Not Enough

Research out of the UK shows that a single genetic test may not be enough to improve the health of pedigree dog breed lines. For Harry Potter fans, we know i…

Petco’s In-Store Kitchens Reveal What Goes In Your Pet’s Meal

In select stores, pet parents will be able to see human-grade dog food being made on the spot and get a chance to pick up a freshly made meal for their pet.

Poop Scoop – Turns Out “Green” Poop Bags Aren’t The Sh*t After

FTC warns dog poop companies that its ‘biodegradable’ waste bags aren’t what they claim I shop at the public market. I recycle. I do my bes…

“Chewbarka” Lives Up To Nickname and Saves His Family From Fire

A family is thanking their lucky stars, and their chihuahua-dachshund mix, for their lives as the dog saved the entire family from a 5-alarm house fire.

Actor Amber Heard Pleads Guilty To Illegal Dog Importation

Amber Heard, also known as Johnny Depp's wife, has pleaded guilty to providing false immigration documents for her two Yorkshire Terriers, Boo and Pistol.

Dogs Become Lifeguards For The UK’s Hornsea Beach

Just call it Barkwatch--a specially-trained group of canine babes are about to be the newest lifeguards in the U.K.'s East Yorkshire!

Researchers Believe Dogs Can Suffer From ADHD

Does your dog have ADHD? Researchers are looking at correlations between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and our dogs.

Bug-Sniffing Dog Protects Pepper Crops in Canada

Pests beware! In response to a pepper weevil infestation last year, a Canadian farm has taken a dog on as a pest control staff member.

Boise, Idaho Tops List Of Best Cities For Dog Parks

The Trust For Public Land has released rankings for Dog Parks across the United States, and Boise, Idaho tops the list of Top Cities for dog parks!

Green Power Goes Brown With Dog Poo Poo Powered Appliances

Poop, scoop and power up! A concept project is in the works that will convert dog poop into power that runs your household appliances. For those who pooh-poo…

Former Rescue Bully Crowned 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog

From rags to riches, Vincent stole everyone's hearts with his positive attitude and ever-wagging tail, earning him the 2016 Most Beautiful Bulldog award.

Holiday Cheer Comes to Dogs in New Film Merry Woofmas!

Merry Woofmas! X-Factor's Louis Walsh created a holiday show just for Fido and friends, and it's coming out at the end of this month!

Retired TSA Dogs Are Looking for Loving Homes

Looking to earn some frequent flyer cuddles? These dogs are hanging up their airport security gear to snuggle their way into your life.

Purina Play Haven Opens At NYC Domestic Violence Shelter

Many women stay in abusive homes because they don't want to leave their dogs. Thanks to Purina Play Haven at Urban Women's Retreat, they no longer have to.

New Research Gives Insight To Why Dogs Are Superior Sniffers

Researchers have found new details about a dog’s anatomy that help explain more why they are such stupendous sniffers! Scientists at Washington Univers…

Golden Retriever Showers New York With Handshakes and Hugs

A Golden Retriever named Loubie is making the streets of New York City a little happier, giving humans hugs and leaving them with big smiles on their faces.

Amazon Introduces Wag, a New Dog Food Available to Prime Subscribers

Mega-retailer Amazon has joined the profitable pet product industry with the introduction of its own brand of pet products, a new division called Wag.

Delta Airlines Bans Pit Bull and ‘Pit Bull Types’ On Planes

Delta Airlines will no longer allow pit bull or 'pit bull type' dogs on flights, even if those dogs are for emotional support or are service dogs.

Overcrowded Chicago Shelter Sends Overflow Animals to PetSmart PetsHot

This winter has been tough on animals, and shelters are brimming to capacity. To help, a rescue group sent some lucky dogs to stay at PetSmart's PetsHotel!