7 Presidential Pets That Can Count On Our Vote

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Although there currently is no pet living in the White House (for the first time in over 150 years!), animal companions are a regular occurrence in the presidential residence. The grounds have seen some very unusual furry, scaly, and feathery friends and, more than once, presidents have even kept their own private zoos.

Take a look at some of the most interesting and adorable pets that called White House their home!

Richard Nixon, 1969-1974

Richard Nixon's family dogs were an Irish Setter, Poodle, and a Yorkie.
No, these pretty pooches weren’t famous for their modelling career, but for their family. Nixon’s family pets were named King Timahoe (Irish Setter), Vicky (Poodle), and Pasha (Yorkshire Terrier). Fun fact: Pasha is still the only Yorkie First Pet.

Benjamin Harrison, 1889 – 1893

This presidential pet goat was a favorite with kids.
Benjamin Harrison’s goat Whiskers was his grandchildren’s favorite- and you can see why. Additionally, the 23rd president had a Collie named Dash and a pair of opossums: Mr. Reciprocity and Mr. Protection.

Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929

Rebecca was the first and only raccoon to live in the White House.
Apparently, this adorable girl was sent to the White House to be served for the 1926 Thanksgiving dinner (which is very weird and creepy)- but the president Calvin Coolidge and his wife decided to keep her as a pet. She was quite mischievous and loved nothing more than playing during bath time!

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1993-1945

Fala was so famous that he has two statues made in his honor.
Franklin D. Roosevelt’s pooch turned is the only White House pet to be honored with his own statue. The president took the black Scottish Terrier with him everywhere he went and used every chance to mention his furry best friend in his speeches.

William H. Taft, 1909-1923

The White House cow gave milk to the president's family and was a cherished pet.
It seems that company of his pooch Caruso wasn’t enough for president William Howard Taft, because the family kept a cow as a pet as well. Pauline Wayne spent her time grazing the White House lawn, a luxury that not many of her kind got to experience.

Warren G. Harding, 1921-1923

This presidential pooch helped his family fight for animal rights.President Warren G. Harding and his wife, Florence, were big animal lovers. Their beloved Airedale Terrier, Laddie Boy, also served as a poster boy for the First Lady’s promotion of animal right issues. And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is a 1920’s version of a pet’s birthday cake.

George W. Bush, 2001-2009

One of the rare felines to live in the White House, this black kitty is all charm.India, a black American Shorthair, lived with President Bush and his family for almost two decades. Unfortunately, she’s been overshadowed by the family’s two dogs who were favored by the public and the media. Seeing the presidential feline’s Halloween photo, I can’t say I understand why she wasn’t a media sweetheart, honestly.