AKC Registers 7 New Dog Breeds From Around The World

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
This Thanksgiving, the AKC is adding seven new dog breeds to its official ranks. Ranging in sizes large to small, these new recruits make fine additions to the roster.

This Thanksgiving seven pedigree pooches have a little more to be thankful for than most – they’ve made it into one of the most elite clubs in the world. Yes, they’ve passed muster, made the grade, set the standard – they’ve been accepted into the American Kennel Club (AKC) and that’s cause for celebration!

Founded in 1884, AKC is unquestionably the arbiter of all things “pedigree” and with a steadfast commitment to maintaining the integrity of the pure-bred dog registry, they’re no pushover when it comes to accepting just any new breed.

In fact they’re so discerning that since the National Dog Show first debuted in 2002, these most recent additions bring the tally of newly introduced breeds to just 47!

This Thanksgiving, The National Dog Show Presented by Purina will introduce these seven new breeds to the American public in a two-hour NBC TV special that follows coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It’s estimated these boys will debut before an estimated 20 million viewers from noon – 2 pm in all time zones and while you can tune in to learn more, here’s a sneak peak:

  • Bergamasco: This has to be one of the most uniquely coated dogs ever. He’s a Sheepdog who has joined AKC’s “herding” group and possesses a coat that contains “dog hair,” “goat hair” and “wool” that combine to form felt-like mats. The mats grow over the course of the dog’s life, reaching the ground at approximately 6 years of age.
  • Spanish Water Dog: This active, water-loving multi-purpose breed has also joined AKC’s “herding” group. He was originally bred in Spain many centuries ago for a variety of purposes including herding, hunting, water work and companionship.
  • Miniature American Shepherd: This smaller sized herding dog is described as good-natured and devoted. Originally bred in the US, he is a highly versatile, energetic dog with superior intelligence and a willingness to please.
  • Lagotto Romagnolo: This handsome, curly-headed boy is an ancient breed of retrieving water dogs from Italy. Inducted into AKC’s “sporting” group, he is excellent at searching for truffles – a job he performs with passion and efficiency. Powerfully built, he has a dense, curly coat of woolly texture.
  • Berger Picard: This beautiful boy with the large, distinctive ears hales from northern France and is known to be good-natured and loyal. A medium-sized, active and athletic herding dog, he is bred to be a working companion. He has a shaggy, wiry topcoat with a short, dense undercoat.
  • Cirneco dell’Etna: Present in Sicily for over 2,500 years, this tan, short-haired dog resembles a whippet and shares a common origin with the Pharaoh Hound. As a hunter of small mammals and fowl, he is a hardy, compact dog that was successful in hunting under adverse conditions.
  • Boerboel: This big boy joined AKC’s “working” group and is considered the most agile of the mastiff-type breeds. He is strong, confident and muscular dog with a distinctive, blocky head. His intelligent, calm demeanor makes him a capable working dog as well as a loyal companion.
Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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