Benji Reboot: Everyone’s Favorite Mutt Is Back In a New Netflix Movie

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Kids who grew up in any period from the ‘70s to ‘90s probably remember a series of movies about a certain shaggy pooch and his pawesome adventures with his new found family. I know I spent many a Sunday morning glued to the TV screen because I couldn’t get enough of the doggo with numerous tricks up his sleeves. Ahhh, the nostalgia!

Well, now a new generation of kids (and a number of serious adults * cough cough *) will be able to enjoy the modern retelling of the heartwarming classic. On March 16th, Netflix’s Benji reboot will premiere globally, and here’s a first look at the heap of cuteness this movie will be:

I mean, I know I’m not supposed to be the target audience for this movie– I kind of a have a decade or two more than the ideal age group, but I can’t help it: I literally can’t wait for it to come out. It’s the most adorable trailer I’ve seen in a while!

The movie is written and directed by Brandon Camp, the son of the creator of original Benji movies, John Camp, so, hopefully, this version will keep the charm and the spirit of the classic while adapting it to a contemporary setting. The film stars Kiele Sanchez, Gabriel Bateman and Darby Camp.

During the period they were popular, Benji movies helped raise awareness about shelter dogs and inspired countless families to adopt mutts: the original star of the movie, Higgins, was a mixed-breed rescued from a local pound himself. Who knows, maybe seeing another lovable smart cookie on the silver screen inspires many more families to take in a shaggy stray themselves!