Frisky Siberian Husky Falls For A Pile Of Leaves [Video]

Fall is our favorite season, but no one loves it more than this frisky Siberian Husky! Remember how much you loved jumping into a pile of leaves when you wer…

Dog Checking Stadium Sprinklers Gets A Mouthful [Video]

A ‘security dog’ at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida is in charge of ‘checking sprinklers’ and watching him work is hilarious!…

Cheer for These Adorable Pups Prepping For The Puppy Bowl [Video]

It's almost time for the Puppy Bowl kickoff! These adorable puppies are getting ready for the game - you wouldn't believe the training they've put in.

Qoobo Makes a Cheeky New Pussy Pillow [Video]

Want all the furry tail-wagging, without all the fur flying? The Qoobo pillow is guaranteed to make you feel like you've a live cat there in your lap!

Chris Evans Is Reunited With His Dog and It Feels So Good! [Video]

As if you could love Chris Evans more--turns out you can, after watching his joyful reunion after 10 weeks away from his beloved bestie, Dodger.

Rescue Dogs Can’t. Even. As They Play in Pool Of Balls [Video]

A California man wanted to honor his dog with a random act of kindness. The result: two special rescue Golden Retrievers had the time of their lives!

Much Odd Doge Tourism Video Will Crack You Up (Or Scar You For Life) [

A doge-inspired musical group is rocking the Akita Prefecture in Japan, and it's all in the name of tourism. We think... but we're not sure. Much confusing.

The Secret Is Out! New Animated Movie Trailer Reveals “The Secret Li

Pets are up to high jinks when we're not around. From the hilarious minds of "Despicable Me" comes an animated film that's made especially for pet parents.

Jealous Great Dane Doesn’t Want To Share The Love [Video]

Science has recently proven that dogs get jealous, too (tell us pet parents something we don’t already know!). This Great Dane hilariously shares his d…

“Looking For You” Digital Shelter Dog Follows Shoppers Around Mall

“He followed me home from the mall… can I keep him?” OgilvyOne takes advertising to a new level with a campaign that promotes the awesomen…

Because All Dogs Deserve A Rap Song On Their Birthday [Video]

Looks like the rest of us pet parents have a lot to live up to! Rapper KAY-9 is pretty stoked that it’s his dog’s birthday and he’s not afr…

Dog Retrieves Drowning Baby Deer, Saving Fawn’s Life [Video]

This totally heartwarming story about a dog that saves a baby deer from drowning is sure to bring a tear to your eye. Storm saves the life of the fawn.

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Easy-Peasy Dog Treats [Video]

Look what Oscar and I whipped up in the Canine Kitchen (better known as Oscar's Nom Nom Hut)? These Easy Peasy Dog Treats are a breeze to make and eat!

Tom Hardy Reading A Bedtime Story to His Dog Will Make You Melt [Video

Tom Hardy is known for his smoldering good looks and tough character portrayals, but he should be best known as a canine bedtime story reader.

Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Tribute to His Furry BFF [Video]

Actor Tom Hardy's beloved dog Woody has passed, and his memorial tribute to him shows the depth of a man's love for his best friend.

Squeaking Kid Inhales His Dog’s Squeaking Toy

Parents are best at filtering out the high-pitched squeaky sounds of their kids' voices. But what happens when their child sounds like a squeaky toy?

Breaking News: A Dog on a Lawnmower [Video]

This just in: Dog rides lawnmower, offers landscaping services! This dog is all business, and even if he didn’t mean to interrupt a newscast, he certai…

Top 5 Hilarious Pet Videos You Probably Missed This Week

A Weimaraner who can’t swim when the camera’s on him, a pooch who’d rather chase balls than find inner peace, and much more! They’re…

Loyal Dog Knows His Owner Anywhere – Even When He’s In A New Body

Are you ready for some serious feels? After watching this commercial for organ donation, there’s a 100 percent chance you’ll need a tissue while…

Furry Tee-Fetcher Steals Football Fans’ Hearts [Video]

College Football season is back, but fans of New Mexico State Aggies are a tad more excited about a four-legged, furry tee-fetcher named Striking the Wonder…

Rapper Hits All the Right Notes With Calming Song for Dogs [Video]

Songwriter, DJ, and rapper Gnash wrote a soothing song for his dog Daisy, but pet parents are playing it for their dogs - and the effect is amazing!

Ground-Dog Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter In Louisiana [Video]

There's a new dog in town, and he's giving old Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money, predicting six more weeks of winter from Shreveport, Louisiana.

This Deaf Pup is What Doggie Determination Looks Like [Video]

A smart dog who's hearing impaired is ready to show potential adopters what she's made of, now that she's been taught a special form of dog sign language.

Kid President Introduces The World To His Pet Hero, Annie [Video]

Behind every Kid President, there's a Pet Hero. And for YouTube sensation Robby Novak (aka Kid President), his awesome dog Annie always has his back.

Frenchie Refuses to Take Part in Sharknado 5

Just when he thought it was safe to go back into the water, Swayze the French Bulldog's owner gets a new shark toy. His reaction: He's having None. Of. It.

Dog Makes Unscheduled Appearance on Russian Morning News [Video]

A furry guest crashed a Russian morning news show -- and he became the news when he greeted the surprised anchor woman live on TV!

Pet Parent’s Story Of His Best Friend Has Cutting Onions [Video]

A viral video about a man and his dog has everyone who watches in tears, as the bond between a dog and his human is lovingly shown in a film.

Dashing Dog Steals GoPro and Our Hearts

An adorable dog took a GoPro video camera for a joy run has won the Internet and had left us all in stitches! We love it when dog videos go viral, and we esp…

This Adorable Pooch Makes Sure You’re Not Afraid of the Dentist

Meet Atkins, a beautiful Lab girl whose job is to take your fear of the dentist away- her dutties include hanging out in your lap and being cute.

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Pomsky [Video]

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Pomsky? Jasper the Pomsky wants to take you on a play date to give you an idea of what you can expect with this breed.

Hilarity Ensues When This Dog Helps Forecast The Weather [Video]

We think it’s pretty safe to say that Ripple stole the show on this particular newscast. Weather man Mike Sobel had no idea what he was in for when he…

DIY Dog Food: Up at the Cottage Cheese & Chicken Dog Food Recipe

You'll always see the bottom of the bowl after you make your dog this meal. Watch as I cook up the Up at The Cottage Cheese Chicken and Rice Dog Food.

Ellen Rewards Firefighters Who Pulled Dog Out Of Icy River With A Cari

Firefighters do more than just put out fires – they also jump into frozen rivers to rescue dogs. And when Ellen DeGeneres heard about a team of Wellesl…

These Puppies Frolicking Through Dandelions Will Make Your Friday [Vid

That`s funny… this is exactly how we look at 5pm on Friday as we leave the office… There are few creatures in the world can exhibit sheer, unbr…

Dog Photographer Shares His Love For His Furry Subjects [Video]

Ever wonder how some of those adorable pictures of dogs being so human come about? Famous 'Dog' Photographer William Wegman takes you behind the scenes.

Top 5 Greatest Dog Videos of the Week – #3 is WAY Too Cute!

A pooch who's figured out how to play solo fetch - just one of the comical dogs that made it onto our Top 5 Hilarious Dog Videos of the Week!

A Herd of Border Collies Breaks a World Record [Video]

How many border collies does it take to break a gathering record? Turns out it's 576, as proven in a dog-filled Australian park recently.

Jumping Dog On TV Makes Pooch Hopping Mad

Hey, what’s the big idea? Coming onto my TV and jumping up like that? Do you think you can come in here and out jump me? I don’t think so! In fac…

Are Human Pups Just Dog Lovers Gone Wild? [Video]

Loving dogs is one thing... but pretending to be a dog is another. There's a movement in the UK called Human Pups, and they're committed to the Pug Life.

Is World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jump With A Dog Cruel Or Cool? [Video

In his latest video, adrenaline junky Dean Potter, a famous rock climber, high-liner and human flyer, wingsuit BASE jumps with his dog, Whisper from the Eige…

Hilarious Jack Russell Takes Best of Laughs at Crufts 2017

While a Schipperke named Ollie won Best of Breed at the Crufts 2017 show in Birmingham, another Olly stole the show with his hilarious energy and goofiness!

German Shepherd’s Canine Quinceanera Makes Her The Belle Of The Ball

A special German Shepherd in Oklahoma, City, turned 16 and her Quinceanera was a festive event - she even got to wear a beautiful birthday outfit!

Check Out Our Frozen Pumpkin Bone-ah-PetTreat Recipe

So hot, they're cool! In our latest Bone-ah-PetTreat video, we'll show you how to make Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe - in about a minute.

The Champions Documentary Shows Life After Michael Vick’s Dog Fighti

Almost 50 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The Champions follows 22 dogs who were rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Society.

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Bernedoodle [Video]

Follow four irresistible Bernedoodles as they take you on a riotous romp through what it's like to own one of these adorable dogs.

Tattoo Made From Animal-Hair Ink Proves Love Really Is Skin Deep [Vide

A tattoo model wanted to make the bond between herself and her cat a 'permanent' one, and decided to use ink made from her cat's hair.

Dog Crashes Weather Report Like She Owns It [Video]

A meteorologist had unexpected company when giving his weather report, and the Internet gave a collective, "Awwwww," as the dog ambled right on by.

Rescue Dog Predicts Pet Mama’s Pregnancy [Video]

An ad from Pets Best Insurance services has us feeling all the feels as it shares just how deep the bond between dogs and their humans goes.

Something Smells Fishy… It’s Tuna, In His First VW Ad! [Video]

Tuna melts your heart in this adorable Volkswagen commercial. Don’t you love when a social media site makes someone a bona fide star? Just look at Tuna…

Life-Sized Gumby is the Best Doggy Chew Toy Ever [Video]

When her favorite toy comes to life, one lucky pooch can't believe her eyes! It's a Halloween miracle - and we can't stop laughing!

Watch This Crazy Pug Get His Friday On By Going Bonkers In A Ball Pit

This little guy expresses how we all feel just before the weekend Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And as stoked as you may be for the upcoming weekend, we’…

Focused Cats Get Scared Out Of At Least 1 Life By Curious Dog [Video]

Cats and dogs are just wired differently. What are we talking about? This video perfectly sums in up in about 20 hilarious seconds.

Dogs Trust Reminds Us That Dogs Are For Life, Not For Christmas [Video

Dog surrender is always sad, but an animal charity in London has shared some reasons for surrender that make the blood of dog lovers everywhere boil.

No One-Trick For This Pony-Riding Dog! [Video]

We bet you've never seen a dog ride a one-eyed pony before. But guess what? Today is your lucky day - we've got a video you need to watch!

5 Awesome Pet Videos You Probably Missed This Week

If you can't chew ‘em, wear ‘em! A boxer in crocs, a bizarre German commercial with famous cats, and more in this week's hilarious pet video roundup!

#BestBuds Are Back In Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial [Video]

Warning: Adorable Puppy Alert! Nothing can keep this Golden Retriever puppy and Clydesdale horse apart for long. Budweiser has done it again – it&rsquo…

Squee Alert: Two Adorable Dogs Falling In Love Will Make Your Day [Vid

Who needs Brangelina when you’ve got Harvey and Harmony? Are you ready for the warm fuzzies? Yep, that’s what we thought. In just over a minute,…

Musically Inclined Dog Sneaks Into Symphony Performance [Video]

This Retriever decided he wanted front row seats and wandered right up on stage to get them--much to the delight of the musicians and the audience alike!

Cute Video Explains The Science Of 21st Century Dogs

The best way to learn about science is by watching cartoons (well, that's what we think!). So sit back and watch this cute video about what makes dogs cool.

Boing! This Puppy Acrobatically (and Adorably) Defends His Home [Video

This little guy’s willing to defend his territory by any means necessary … even if it means employing a little bit of acrobatic action. YouTube…