Rapper 2 Chainz’s Dog Trappy Lives Life Large on “Most Expensivest

Rapper 2 Chainz loves his French Bulldog, Trappy--on the latest episode of "Most Expensivest," he's treating him to a day of luxury humans only dream about!

Marine Veteran Opens a Pup-alicious Christmas Present [Video]

Many war veterans return from service suffering the effects of PTSD. One veteran received an early Christmas gift that will bring a few tears to your eyes.

Something Smells Fishy… It’s Tuna, In His First VW Ad! [Video]

Tuna melts your heart in this adorable Volkswagen commercial. Don’t you love when a social media site makes someone a bona fide star? Just look at Tuna…

Das Funny! Volkswagen’s Prank Ad of Autonomous Dog Walking Gadget [V

German automaker Volkswagen has gone beyond the autonomous car and created a self-walking dog mechanism. We still think its absolutely hilarious!

Life-Sized Gumby is the Best Doggy Chew Toy Ever [Video]

When her favorite toy comes to life, one lucky pooch can't believe her eyes! It's a Halloween miracle - and we can't stop laughing!

This Reading GoldenDoodle Is Blowing Our Minds [Video]

A goldendoodle from Colorado now has the internet scratching its collective head wondering how in the heck it can read commands from cards!

Top 5 Hilarious Pet Videos You Probably Missed This Week – #3 is Our

We've watched a lot of cute dog and cat videos just for you. We've narrowed it down to 5 favorites for the week - what a great way to spend your Friday!

#BestBuds Are Back In Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial [Video]

Warning: Adorable Puppy Alert! Nothing can keep this Golden Retriever puppy and Clydesdale horse apart for long. Budweiser has done it again – it&rsquo…

Dogs Trust Reminds Us That Dogs Are For Life, Not For Christmas [Video

Dog surrender is always sad, but an animal charity in London has shared some reasons for surrender that make the blood of dog lovers everywhere boil.

Kid President Introduces The World To His Pet Hero, Annie [Video]

Behind every Kid President, there's a Pet Hero. And for YouTube sensation Robby Novak (aka Kid President), his awesome dog Annie always has his back.

Weiner On Wheels: Two-Legged Dachshund Gets 3D Printed Wheelchair [Vid

A disabled Dachshund’s 3D printed wheelchair lets her explore the world – don’t get in her way! Bubbles the Dachshund was born with a genet…

Dog-Cam Shows a Day in The Life Of a Therapy Dog [Video]

Adorable therapy dog Canon shared his point of view using a GoPro camera and proves that a dog's life is a purpose-filled one!

Adorable PacPup Video Wins the Internet

Wakka Wakka Wakka! The makers of those awesome Tiny Hamster videos are back at it with the cutest dog you've ever seen... and we're eating it up!

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Morkie

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Morkie? Follow Instagram star Herman, and find out what it's like to be part of this dog breed's entourage.

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Easy-Peasy Dog Treats [Video]

Look what Oscar and I whipped up in the Canine Kitchen (better known as Oscar's Nom Nom Hut)? These Easy Peasy Dog Treats are a breeze to make and eat!

Budweiser Super Bowl “Puppy Love” Is the Most Adorable Ad Ever [Vi

I’m not a Super Bowl fan. I can’t follow the rule of football, but I do enjoy the players in tight pants. What would tempt me to watch the game a…

Adorable Dog Masters the Art of Air Cycling [Video]

This dog gets an A for effort! The fluffiest, furriest little ball of adorable air peddles in an effort to help his human ride her bike.

Cute Video Explains The Science Of 21st Century Dogs

The best way to learn about science is by watching cartoons (well, that's what we think!). So sit back and watch this cute video about what makes dogs cool.

Shelter’s Cold Weather Games Puppies and Kittens Win Gold [Video]

In our opinion, this is the best 'Olympics' we've ever seen--Cold Weather Games for puppies and kittens, hosted by a North Carolina animal shelter.

Canine Cutie Wins It All With Best Puck Drop EVER [Video]

Adorable is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of hockey, but that’s certainly the way the game between the Anaheim Flames…

Daniel Craig Uses Puppy Power To Explain Aston Martin Contest [Video]

Actor Daniel Craig is using the cutest golden retriever puppies to raise money for the United Nations Mine Action Service.

The Solution For Boring Court Programming? Adorable Dog Reenactments!

John Oliver proves that everything – including the Supreme Court – is better with dogs I’m a huge fan of political satirist and comedian Jo…

French President’s Dog Accused Of Palace Leaks (And It’s Hilarious

French President Emmanuel Macron was conducting official business at the Elysee Palace when his dog stole the spotlight with some business of his own.

Hilarious Jack Russell Takes Best of Laughs at Crufts 2017

While a Schipperke named Ollie won Best of Breed at the Crufts 2017 show in Birmingham, another Olly stole the show with his hilarious energy and goofiness!

Police Dog Plays Professional Soccer While On-Duty [Video]

A police dog on duty at a soccer game in Bolivia got involved in the game, and won the hearts of the crowd as he had a good old time on the field!

Boing! This Puppy Acrobatically (and Adorably) Defends His Home [Video

This little guy’s willing to defend his territory by any means necessary … even if it means employing a little bit of acrobatic action. YouTube…

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Pomsky [Video]

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Pomsky? Jasper the Pomsky wants to take you on a play date to give you an idea of what you can expect with this breed.

German Shepherd’s Canine Quinceanera Makes Her The Belle Of The Ball

A special German Shepherd in Oklahoma, City, turned 16 and her Quinceanera was a festive event - she even got to wear a beautiful birthday outfit!

Amazing Documentary Of The Bond Between Disabled Boy And Three-Legged

Now here’s a wonderful story about a boy and his dog that will leave you misty eyed and smiling from ear to ear. Meet Owen Howkins and his Anatolian Sh…

Meet the New Dog Whisperer… Literally

Got a dog that barks for no reason at all? There may be hope for a moment's peace - an Illinois man teaches his dog how to whisper-bark!

Heartwarming Ad: Dogs Help People Who Have Seen Too Much [Video]

Not all dog videos are created to make us laugh or hypnotize us with their adorableness. We often forget the special bond we share with dogs, and this video…

Top 5 Awesome Videos of the Week – So Much Squee in #3!

Need a pick-me-up? How about a Corgi in a shark lifejacket learning how to swim? Check out our Top 5 Awesome Pet Videos of the Week!

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From Global Pet Expo 2015 [Video]

So many awesome pet products, so many things to steal – What 10 things did I run away with from this year’s Global Pet Expo? If you had any doubt…

Dog Retrieves Drowning Baby Deer, Saving Fawn’s Life [Video]

This totally heartwarming story about a dog that saves a baby deer from drowning is sure to bring a tear to your eye. Storm saves the life of the fawn.

Fur is Flying as Puppies Take Over American Ninja Warrior [Video]

USA Network's American Ninja Warrior has a new batch of competitors and we think they are the furriest, most fierce they've ever had!

Dog Photographer Shares His Love For His Furry Subjects [Video]

Ever wonder how some of those adorable pictures of dogs being so human come about? Famous 'Dog' Photographer William Wegman takes you behind the scenes.

Tom Hardy Reading A Bedtime Story to His Dog Will Make You Melt [Video

Tom Hardy is known for his smoldering good looks and tough character portrayals, but he should be best known as a canine bedtime story reader.

Rescue Dogs Can’t. Even. As They Play in Pool Of Balls [Video]

A California man wanted to honor his dog with a random act of kindness. The result: two special rescue Golden Retrievers had the time of their lives!

Gee, This Dog Sure Is Nosey! [Video]

They say two heads are better than one, but what two… noses? Staff at an animal shelter in Tulare County, California, were in for the shock of their l…

Pet Parrots Love Video Calling Other Birds, Study Finds

Parrots are social animals, and if kept alone as pets, they could become lonely and bored. But how to make sure they have company when you can’t afford or care for another bird? Well, it seems that scientists have found the answer.

Rescue Dog Predicts Pet Mama’s Pregnancy [Video]

An ad from Pets Best Insurance services has us feeling all the feels as it shares just how deep the bond between dogs and their humans goes.

Ground-Dog Predicts Six More Weeks Of Winter In Louisiana [Video]

There's a new dog in town, and he's giving old Punxsutawney Phil a run for his money, predicting six more weeks of winter from Shreveport, Louisiana.

UNC’s Dugout Dog Scores A Homerun With Teammates [Video]

A college baseball team from North Carolina is singing the praises of a dog that is helping them all the way to a national championship.

Who Made The Mess? The Answer… Won’t Shock You [Video]

When you leave your dogs at home and come back to a huge mess, it’s easy to tell which one is the culprit. It’s always the one with the guilty lo…

Is World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jump With A Dog Cruel Or Cool? [Video

In his latest video, adrenaline junky Dean Potter, a famous rock climber, high-liner and human flyer, wingsuit BASE jumps with his dog, Whisper from the Eige…

Squeaky Shoes At Dog Park A Huge Hit [Video]

This is one video I could watch over and over again, and it would still be just as funny. The guys from JStuStudios wanted to see what would happen if they a…

Patrick Stewart’s Love Affair With A Beautiful Foster Pittie Named G

If you didn't already love Patrick Stewart before, you're bound to now when you see how he and his foster Pitbull Ginger get along so lovingly together!

Whippet Pops Them Good As He Breaks World Record [Video]

Some people enjoy balloons on their birthday. One cool whippet from Calgary, Canada prefers to pop balloons, and just set a new world record!

Therapy Dog Comforts Grieving At White Plains Funeral Home [Video]

What a wonderful idea - Ballard-Durand Funeral Home adds a furry comfort companion to their staff whose job it is to comfort the grieving.

Top 5 Greatest Dog Videos of the Week – #3 is WAY Too Cute!

A pooch who's figured out how to play solo fetch - just one of the comical dogs that made it onto our Top 5 Hilarious Dog Videos of the Week!

Burger-Begging Dog Is Lovin’ Those Golden Arches [Video]

A dog mama from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma caught her brilliant ‘gold digger’ dog begging strangers for food from McDonald’s and shared the hi…

Canine Couture Glitters at 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show

It was a night of fun and fashion at the 14th Annual New York Pet Fashion Show - showcasing a theme of "Global Couture for Animal Rescue."

Dog Makes Unscheduled Appearance on Russian Morning News [Video]

A furry guest crashed a Russian morning news show -- and he became the news when he greeted the surprised anchor woman live on TV!

Dog Helps Stage the Cutest Baby Reveal to Grandma [Video]

What's the best way to ensure your baby-on-board announcement is the most unforgettable ever? Let the dog do it, of course!

The Champions Documentary Shows Life After Michael Vick’s Dog Fighti

Almost 50 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The Champions follows 22 dogs who were rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Society.

K-9 Crime Fighter Does Pushups Better Than You Do!

They say every dog has its day, and for a K-9 member of the Gulf Shores, Alabama Police Department, it's at least seven seconds of truth!

French Bulldog Scared Of His Own Farts

All this French Bulldog wanted to do was to enjoy a nice, quiet bathroom break. The last thing he was expecting was… a FART! Dog farts can be smelly,…

Corgi Realtor Sells Your Home On Treat Commission [Video]

The real estate market is competitive -how do you people interested in buying your home? Well, for starters, you could hire a Corgi to do it.

Video of Blind Cat Hugging Phone While Music Plays Hits All the Right

A blind cat appreciating beautiful music in a way that most humans do not is about the sweetest thing you'll see and hear today, we guarantee.

Frisky Siberian Husky Falls For A Pile Of Leaves [Video]

Fall is our favorite season, but no one loves it more than this frisky Siberian Husky! Remember how much you loved jumping into a pile of leaves when you wer…