Cuteness Overload: Corgi On A Carousel [Video]

If you need a pick-me-up today, you’ve got to watch this adorable Corgi go to town on a carousel. The Corgi, named Meatball, loves it so much, he never…

Tattoo Made From Animal-Hair Ink Proves Love Really Is Skin Deep [Vide

A tattoo model wanted to make the bond between herself and her cat a 'permanent' one, and decided to use ink made from her cat's hair.

Dog Crashes Weather Report Like She Owns It [Video]

A meteorologist had unexpected company when giving his weather report, and the Internet gave a collective, "Awwwww," as the dog ambled right on by.

Tom Hardy’s Heartbreaking Tribute to His Furry BFF [Video]

Actor Tom Hardy's beloved dog Woody has passed, and his memorial tribute to him shows the depth of a man's love for his best friend.

DIY Dog Treats: How to Make Frosty Watermelon Dog Treats [Video]

It's our first DIY Dog Treats video, straight from the Canine Kitchen. Follow along as we make a fan favorite - our Frosty Watermelon Dog Treat Recipe.

Watch This Crazy Pug Get His Friday On By Going Bonkers In A Ball Pit

This little guy expresses how we all feel just before the weekend Woo hoo! It’s Friday! And as stoked as you may be for the upcoming weekend, we’…

Dog Breeds 101: Getting to Know the Morkie

Ever wondered what it's like owning a Morkie? Follow Instagram star Herman, and find out what it's like to be part of this dog breed's entourage.

Chris Evans Is Reunited With His Dog and It Feels So Good! [Video]

As if you could love Chris Evans more--turns out you can, after watching his joyful reunion after 10 weeks away from his beloved bestie, Dodger.

Weiner On Wheels: Two-Legged Dachshund Gets 3D Printed Wheelchair [Vid

A disabled Dachshund’s 3D printed wheelchair lets her explore the world – don’t get in her way! Bubbles the Dachshund was born with a genet…

French President’s Dog Accused Of Palace Leaks (And It’s Hilarious

French President Emmanuel Macron was conducting official business at the Elysee Palace when his dog stole the spotlight with some business of his own.

Dashing Dog Steals GoPro and Our Hearts

An adorable dog took a GoPro video camera for a joy run has won the Internet and had left us all in stitches! We love it when dog videos go viral, and we esp…

Patrick Stewart’s Love Affair With A Beautiful Foster Pittie Named G

If you didn't already love Patrick Stewart before, you're bound to now when you see how he and his foster Pitbull Ginger get along so lovingly together!

Broken, Schmoken! This Plucky Pooch Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons [Vide

She may be little, but boy is she mighty! This itsy-bitsy puppy took a nasty spill, but do you think she let that stop her? Fat chance! Got a serious case of…

Wes Anderson’s “Isle Of Dogs” Trailer Leaves Us Panting to See T

A star-studded cast, cool stop-motion animation, and dogs, dogs and more dogs! That's what the upcoming Isle of Dogs promises us all, and we can't wait.

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From SuperZoo 2015 [Video]

What did I steal in Las Vegas during SuperZoo 2015? What happens in Vegas doesn't necessarily stay in Vegas - the proof is in the video!

Top 10 Things I Want To Steal From Global Pet Expo 2015 [Video]

So many awesome pet products, so many things to steal – What 10 things did I run away with from this year’s Global Pet Expo? If you had any doubt…

Top 5 Hilarious Pet Videos You Probably Missed This Week – #3 is Our

We've watched a lot of cute dog and cat videos just for you. We've narrowed it down to 5 favorites for the week - what a great way to spend your Friday!

Video of Blind Cat Hugging Phone While Music Plays Hits All the Right

A blind cat appreciating beautiful music in a way that most humans do not is about the sweetest thing you'll see and hear today, we guarantee.

Dog Tries To Fetch Baseball on TV

This German Shepherd wants you to take her out to the ballgame. On second thought, that wouldn’t be a good idea, based on what she does when she sees t…

Rescue Dog Predicts Pet Mama’s Pregnancy [Video]

An ad from Pets Best Insurance services has us feeling all the feels as it shares just how deep the bond between dogs and their humans goes.

What Makes America Great? Dogs, of Course! [Video]

No matter your party affiliation, most Americans agree... Dogs bring out the best in us. And they're super cute, which swings a couple of votes.

Squirrel Hides Nut In Dog’s Fur [Video]

Now here’s a place where none of the other squirrels would ever look for your winter store of nuts – in a dog’s fur! And that’s just…

The Champions Documentary Shows Life After Michael Vick’s Dog Fighti

Almost 50 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring. The Champions follows 22 dogs who were rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Society.

Marine Veteran Opens a Pup-alicious Christmas Present [Video]

Many war veterans return from service suffering the effects of PTSD. One veteran received an early Christmas gift that will bring a few tears to your eyes.

Hilarious Jack Russell Takes Best of Laughs at Crufts 2017

While a Schipperke named Ollie won Best of Breed at the Crufts 2017 show in Birmingham, another Olly stole the show with his hilarious energy and goofiness!

Dog Photographer Shares His Love For His Furry Subjects [Video]

Ever wonder how some of those adorable pictures of dogs being so human come about? Famous 'Dog' Photographer William Wegman takes you behind the scenes.

Laugh 15% More Watching Geico’s Dog Show Ad, Starring Randy Jackson

Geico Insurance can save you a lot of money, and what better way to prove this than in a new ad that stars American Idol's Randy Jackson judging a dog show?

Visitors to Chernobyl Site Advised Not to Pet the Dogs [Video]

When Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded in 1986, pets were left behind. Dogs still roam the radioactive wasteland, but can't be touched.

Golden Retriever ‘Delivery Boy’ Cutest Thing Ever! [Video]

Do you miss the weekend newspaper rolled up and waiting at your door in the morning? A dutiful Golden Retriever in Boulder, CO, never misses a delivery!

Adorable PacPup Video Wins the Internet

Wakka Wakka Wakka! The makers of those awesome Tiny Hamster videos are back at it with the cutest dog you've ever seen... and we're eating it up!

Subaru’s New Puppy Bowl Ads Bring Back the Barkleys [Video]

Forget the Super Bowl - the Puppy Bowl has the best commercials. We've got five new and seriously cute Subaru ads, starring the fabulously furry Barkleys.

Easy-To-Understand Cartoon On How A Dog’s Nose Can “See” [Video]

Learning is fun, thanks to this cartoon that explains how a dog’s nose works We’ve all heard the old saying: “Dogs see with their noses.&rd…

Gotcha! Covetous Canines Fetchingly Pranked by Stuffed Dog Puppet [Vid

Watch as these dogs are hilariously duped by a puppet, a planter and a bone fit for a king. Scientists have already discovered that your dog gets jealous whe…

Family Dog Helps Man With Alzheimer’s Speak Again [Video]

Is there any doubt that dogs have the power to heal? If there was any, just watch this video and it will be erased. It highlights how one special dog has hel…

Dogs Bring Humanity To Their Homeless Parents [Video]

A recent Facebook post about how a homeless man's dog saves him on a daily basis has gone viral, and we'll warn you, you might need tissues when watching!

A Lab And Her Leaves: This Is What Pure Joy Looks Like [Video]

Forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes… this lovely Lab knows how to do Fall up right! Are you still mourning the end of summer? Well, we’ve got just the t…

Check Out Our Frozen Pumpkin Bone-ah-PetTreat Recipe

So hot, they're cool! In our latest Bone-ah-PetTreat video, we'll show you how to make Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipe - in about a minute.

Top 5 Awesome Videos of the Week – So Much Squee in #3!

Need a pick-me-up? How about a Corgi in a shark lifejacket learning how to swim? Check out our Top 5 Awesome Pet Videos of the Week!

Police Dog Plays Professional Soccer While On-Duty [Video]

A police dog on duty at a soccer game in Bolivia got involved in the game, and won the hearts of the crowd as he had a good old time on the field!

Talking Dog Really Wants A Cat To Call His Own

Every dog wants a kitty cat to call his own. Especially this excited guy. His owner promised him a kitten, but is drawing out the suspense. He went to the pe…

Judge Judy Solves Dog Dispute in Seconds After Tearful Reunion [Video]

Nobody judges Judy... except maybe this dog. Judge Judy allows a super excited dog to decide it's own fate after recognizing his owner in the courtroom.

3 Puppies Rescued From Avalanche Bring Hope To Rescue Workers [Video]

An avalanche in Italy has resulted in the loss of life. But the discovery of three furry little miracles buried under the snow has brought renewed hope.

“Looking For You” Digital Shelter Dog Follows Shoppers Around Mall

“He followed me home from the mall… can I keep him?” OgilvyOne takes advertising to a new level with a campaign that promotes the awesomen…

Qoobo Makes a Cheeky New Pussy Pillow [Video]

Want all the furry tail-wagging, without all the fur flying? The Qoobo pillow is guaranteed to make you feel like you've a live cat there in your lap!

Introducing Our Bone-ah-PetTreat Videos – Delicious Treats, Super Fa

We're going to show you how to make dog treats in a minute! Once you see how easy - and how good - they look, you'll be hooked on our Bone-ah-PetTreats!

Abraca-dog-bra! Dogs Don’t Know What To Make Of Vanishing Magic Trea

Now you see it, now you don’t. Ah, the oldest trick in the book… so how will dogs react to it? Well, they just don’t know what to think. T…

This Deaf Pup is What Doggie Determination Looks Like [Video]

A smart dog who's hearing impaired is ready to show potential adopters what she's made of, now that she's been taught a special form of dog sign language.

Ford Adorably Matches Cars With Their Canine Doppelgängers [Video]

Beep, Beep - watch out for this cute overload! We love this new campaign from Ford that pairs dogs with the vehicle they most resemble.

#BestBuds Are Back In Budweiser’s 2015 Super Bowl Commercial [Video]

Warning: Adorable Puppy Alert! Nothing can keep this Golden Retriever puppy and Clydesdale horse apart for long. Budweiser has done it again – it&rsquo…

Oh Mama! This Dog Sure is Vocal in the Bath [Video]

Some dogs run for the hills when they hear the word 'bath.' But not this pooch - watch the video of an ecstatic pup has us all cracking up!

How One Dog Gets His Owners To Let Him Inside [Video]

Most dogs, when they want inside the house, bark until someone opens the door. Not this French Bulldog. We wouldn’t call it barking… well, we ju…

Adorably Distracted Dog Sworn in as K9 Assistance Pooch [Video]

He may be a new member of the K9 team, but he's still a dog. To be fair, we'd probably be just as distracted if someone was waving yummy treats in our face.

Woman Battling Cancer Gets Surprise Puppy-palooza [Video]

A woman fighting brain cancer was given the best surprise ever when all the puppies at Front Street Shelter covered her with sweet kisses!

The Secret Is Out! New Animated Movie Trailer Reveals “The Secret Li

Pets are up to high jinks when we're not around. From the hilarious minds of "Despicable Me" comes an animated film that's made especially for pet parents.

Rescue Dogs Can’t. Even. As They Play in Pool Of Balls [Video]

A California man wanted to honor his dog with a random act of kindness. The result: two special rescue Golden Retrievers had the time of their lives!

Daniel Craig Uses Puppy Power To Explain Aston Martin Contest [Video]

Actor Daniel Craig is using the cutest golden retriever puppies to raise money for the United Nations Mine Action Service.

Retiree Takes Rescue Pups On “Chew Chew” Rides With Custom-Built D

Just call it "the puppy engine that could!" This train was lovingly made by an 80-year-old as an alternative to walking abandoned dogs in his neighborhood.

Shelter’s Cold Weather Games Puppies and Kittens Win Gold [Video]

In our opinion, this is the best 'Olympics' we've ever seen--Cold Weather Games for puppies and kittens, hosted by a North Carolina animal shelter.

Dog-Cam Shows a Day in The Life Of a Therapy Dog [Video]

Adorable therapy dog Canon shared his point of view using a GoPro camera and proves that a dog's life is a purpose-filled one!

This Adorable Pooch Makes Sure You’re Not Afraid of the Dentist

Meet Atkins, a beautiful Lab girl whose job is to take your fear of the dentist away- her dutties include hanging out in your lap and being cute.