Cesar Millan Cleared of Animal Cruelty Charges

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We reported that last month, Cesar Millan, star of “Dog Whisperer” and “Cesar 911,” was being investigated for animal cruelty. A complaint was filed after a dog bit a pig during the filming of an episode. But all animal cruelty charges have been dropped after an investigation by LA County officials.

The complaint stemmed from an episode that featured Simon, a French Bulldog mix with a history of attacking pigs. Things went awry at Millan’s Dog Psychology Center when Simon attacked the pigs that were brought in to help curb his violent behavior. Many believe that the bloody attack could have been avoided if Millan had taken the necessary precautions to provide for the safety of all animals involved.

“We were always confident that Animal Control would conclude that Cesar and his team did nothing wrong and that there would be no charges,” said Millan’s attorney, Brian Klein, in a statement.