Day 4: The Office Is Safe From Lynx And Convertibles

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A Pedtitor’s job is more than looking cute. In our offices, there are plenty of sites and departments I have to oversee. You have to schmooze with the other editors, boost morale and protect them from wild animal attacks.

This is Stephen Elmer. He thought I’d look better with a Mohawk, so he’s trying to make my fur stand up on its own. Stephen writes kick-ass truck reviews for, and he just got a new kitten named Boris, who I can’t wait to play with. Boris says he’s willing to try out some cat products and test them for PetGuide, and he’ll tell Stephen what to write. I sure hope Stephen speaks fluent cat – even I find that language hard to understand!

Day 4-1

Look! It’s a convertible, just like my mom’s! I like this one better, ’cause this one has a treat in it. And it won’t be used to take me to the vet or groomer.

Day 4-2

Here I am having a word with’s Editor-in-Chief, Colum Wood. We’re having a serious conversation about which one of us is cuter. As you can tell, I am clearly winning this argument.

Day 4-3

There’s a real security problem here. I walked into Jerry’s office to find a Lynx just sitting on his desk! Hey! How did you get in here? No Lynxes allowed!

Day 4-5

When he wouldn’t leave quietly, I naturally pounced into action, taking him down with a few well-placed roundhouse kicks, sitting on his head, and finishing him off by chomping down on his jugular. It just goes to show you that the old saying is true: You can’t reason with stuffed Lynx.

Day 4-4

I don’t like to brag, but I know my fair share of tricks. And I was willing to show off a few choice moves… for treats, of course. High five!

Day 4-6

The perfect way to end the day – surrounded by admirers! I’m a little sad that tomorrow is my last day in the office.

Day 4-7

Here’s how my week’s been going: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.