Easy-To-Understand Cartoon On How A Dog’s Nose Can “See” [Video]

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We’ve all heard the old saying: “Dogs see with their noses.” But do you know why? No, we’re not going to go into an overly complicated spiel about the science behind it. But we do want you to watch this adorably animated explanation that breaks it down into information you can understand.

Presented by TED-Ed and narrated by best-selling author and canine cognition expert Alexandra Horowitz, you’re treated to a behind-the-scenes look at a dog’s amazing nasal architecture and how it can “see” a whole world that humans are not privy to.

After watching the four minute video, you’ll understand why your dog loves to stop and sniff everything he passes by on his walk, and how they can pick up on your mood or if you’re sick. Your dog can even pick up footprints of the past, what you’ve been up to recently and even what’s going to happen in the future – all with just a sniff.

Watch the video below and learn something new about your dog’s sniffer!