Ellen Rewards Firefighters Who Pulled Dog Out Of Icy River With A Caribbean Cruise [Video]

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Firefighters do more than just put out fires – they also jump into frozen rivers to rescue dogs. And when Ellen DeGeneres heard about a team of Wellesley Fire Department heroes who did just that, she gave them each a trip to the Caribbean, where the water is much warmer.

Wellesley Fire Capt. Jim Dennehy, Lt. Paul Delaney, Dave Papazian, and Joan Cullinan helped pull Golden Retriever, Crosby, from the icy Charles River in Boston, Massachusetts on December 22, 2013. Crosby had been chasing a squirrel across the thin ice when he fell in. Ellen, who is a passionate animal lover, wanted to show her thanks by giving each of the firefighters a well-earn vacation on a Caribbean cruise, as well as a monogrammed bedazzled orange life vest (even Crosby got one). Chances all, they’ll all be thawing out after their frigid swim soon enough.

There’s no word if the squirrel made it out okay.

Watch the Ellen video below – it also features a clip of the firefighters pulling the dog to safety.