Fan-tastic Photo Series Will Blow You Away!

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
An Ontario-based photographer’s newest photo series features adorable pups that make fan modeling look easy-breezy!

Illona Haus is the owner of Scruffy Dog Photography. An exclusive (and fabulous!) pet-photographer, she created a series of unique pictures that captures the adorable and down-right hilarious personalities of some pooches as they interact with an antique fan.

Haus came up with the idea after seeing her beloved rescue Merrick’s long, silky coat blowing in the wind a fan was generating on a hot summer day. Merrick, who sadly passed in October, loved the fan, and Haus loved the shots–so she began what turned into over a three-year journey exploring how dogs reacted to and engaged with blowing air. She appropriately named the series ‘BLOW’ and continues to add to the collection regularly, as a work from her heart.

Haus also lost her dog Matea (a rescue as well) in October, and continues to do amazing photographic (and rescue) work in their memory.

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In each blog post, Illona individually dedicates a bit of print to the special dog she has the privilege of photographing, and allows us to get to know some fabulous fur models in the process. Enjoy some of our favorites below.

Keno and Miles Winter both bear the breeze head on.

Chloe seems a bit concerned that her gorgeous hairdo is getting muffed!

Heidi and Riley seem like they couldn’t get enough of that breeze.

While Luke isn’t a fan…

…Traffic can’t be bothered.

Oh so cheeky!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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