Game-Changing Playgroups for Shelter Dogs Now Possible After $1.5M Gra

The ASPCA and the Petco Foundation are joining forces with ‘Dogs Playing For Life’ to improve the quality of life for shelter dogs with structured playgroups.

A huge win has struck for doggies nationwide. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Petco Foundation are collaborating to award a generous grant of $1.5 million to ‘Dogs Playing For Life’ – a non-profit organization that uses interactive play groups to help socialize, evaluate, and change the lives of shelter dogs. The ASPCA and the Petco Foundation hope that together they can help introduce this new innovative playgroup enrichment training to shelters country-wide.

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As much success and improvement shelters have experienced in recent times, many breeds remain at-risk due to misconceptions about their character and the unfair prejudice some people have towards them. Dogs Playing For Life is an all-in-one creative program that promotes socialization and enrichment for shelter dogs by developing structured playgroups that will help teach the shelter staff to understand the personality of each dog and forward that information with potential adopters.

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Aimee Sadler, the founder of Dogs Playing For Life, says that playgroups such as these give large-breed dogs the opportunity to do what they were able to do, which includes running like maniacs, socializing with other dogs, learning from each other, and showing off their unique personalities. She adds that the big-hearted grant from the ASPCA and the Petco Foundation will have a tremendous impact on many shelter dogs who participate in their training and daily playgroups.

Dogs Playing For Life’s approach will drastically improve the quality of life for shelter dogs and help overcome life-threatening stereotypes. This unique initiative has huge potential to help many vulnerable canine populations, and we can’t wait to see the outcome this amazing project!

Cynthia Haldeman
Cynthia Haldeman

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