Global Pet Expo 2017: Cool and Comforting Calming Collars

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Cones of Shame… how about Cones of Calm? A new pet collar promises to calm your pet debuts at the Global Pet Expo, and it’s something we can wrap our heads around!

The Global Pet Expo is a pet lover’s dream! New concepts, information and products abound, and we are loving it!

Take a look at Century 21 Animal HealthCare’s Calm Paws–a calming support product line. After surveying vets nationwide, the company collaborated with E-Collar manufacturers in order to come up collar selections that included calming support for cats and dogs.

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The data collected suggested that pets preferred the calming color of blue, and so the plastic, soft and inflatable e-collars are a cool blue and the plastic collar includes a Calm Paws gel patch application pocket.

Additionally, the company is introducing new, soft e-collars which will be called Caring Collars. These recovery friendly collars are made of felt fabric and allow for multiple size adjustments using Velcro strips. These nifty collars also have a fold back section that allows your pet to get food or water from its bowl—a challenge often presented with common plastic cones. The Caring Collars will also have a pouch for the Calm Paws gel patch.

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Research and extensive clinical trials for the Calm Paws blend of purified essential oils proved effective in helping calm anxious or recovering pets, and is a proprietary blend of Valerian and Lavender oils for dogs and Nepeta Cateria for cats. The Calm Paws line features the first-ever calming gel patch, using the Calm Paws blends, and can be attached to any smooth surface, making it perfect to use in recovery collars and pet crates when traveling. Talk about smoother sailing on those traumatic trips in the car!

We love these new Cones of Shame – after a long day at the show, we were tempted to put one of these on. Lavender essential oils and a soft collar… we could fall asleep anywhere!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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