Rapper Hits All the Right Notes With Calming Song for Dogs [Video]

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Gnash, a songwriter, DJ, and rapper, wrote the perfect soothing song for his sweet dog Daisy, but pet parents everywhere are playing it for their dogs – and the effect is amazing!

I admit, I was skeptical. I started watching songwriter, DJ, and rapper Gnash’s making of a music video with a little bit of, “Sure. That’ll work.” The video starts with him talking about his rescue dog Daisy having a condition that made her a bit um, snarky sometimes. Daisy has a shunt in her head, and Gnash wanted to come up with something that just made her life less anxious.

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Being the amazing pet parent that he clearly is, he began researching what sweet notes would make Daisy melt. In addition to researching psychoascoustic therapy for animals, Gnash contacted researchers at Glasgow’s Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, as they recently released research that looked at the different genres of music dogs seemed more partial to. Learning that dogs tended to like music that had a definitive beat, with a repeat of approximately every seconds, as well as some other pertinent information in pitch and tone, Gnash set out to create a canine masterpiece.

And did he ever! I decided to try it out on my own wild and rowdy puppy, and I could not believe how she instantly tuned in to the beat and seemed to literally slow down. Even as she plays with her toys, she is doing so in such a more calm and relaxed manner!

“Song For Daisy” is amazing. Not only was the proof in the puppy with Daisy relaxing around well-known anxiety producers, but an entire roomful of rescue dogs at Best Friend’s Animal Society in Los Angeles literally stopped in their tracks when they heard the first notes. Dogs in shelter situations often are anxious and rowdy, and Gnash said that watching their immediate and undeniable calmed reaction to his music was a powerful experience. Honestly, watching the video was a powerful experience for me, too. I’d not believe it if I didn’t watch it in my own girl.

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Gnash says that it is an incredible feeling to create something that clearly goes to such a deeper level within our pets. He has a heart for rescue pets, and hopes the video and song that he offers will help pet owners everywhere give their fur family members the peace and calming that it gives his Daisy. Mostly, he hopes that it can be played at shelters so that dogs waiting to find their furever homes are able to be calm and relaxed when families are looking so that they can put their best fur face forward.

Gnash generously released the song for everyone on Youtube to celebrate Adopt A Shelter Pet this past weekend, and if you’d like to show him and the shelter dogs at Best Friends Animal Society some love for such a gift, you can text “ADOPT” to 50555 from your mobile device and you will instantly donate $10 to Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Animal Society worked with Gnash to create the documentary about how the song came to be, and is committed to ending the killing of animals in U.S. shelters.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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