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Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Pet Megasin’s new Lambo Pet Backpack is set to take off. Its Kickstarter campaign will go to finishing development of this unique pet carrier that meets carry-on luggage dimensions for easier airline travel.

Pet carriers for airline travel come in all varieties, but generally work on the same premise–to keep pets somewhat comfortable while they have to be contained during travel, and this can often be cumbersome when trying to keep up with several suitcases, papers and other things required for traveling. Pet supply manufacturer Pet Magasin has just announced their uniquely designed pet carrier, the Lambo, which is not just a carrier, but also a backpack that makes transporting a pet essentially hands-free.

To finish the development of the Lambo, they’ve launched a Kickstarter they hope will raise $8,000, and they plan to get the first batch of the groundbreaking project completed and on delivery by April, 2017.

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The Lambo will meet the dimension guidelines for carry-on luggage that most major airlines designate, allowing pet owners to take their jet-setting pets with them just about wherever they go. Plus, it’s designed to be used as a backpack pet carrier. Padded shoulder, chest and waist straps make it comfortable as you navigate through the terminal with your pet comfortably tucked in on your back. You can also use it a traditional luggage-style carrier.

When you lay the Lambo down, zip open two side panels, which more than doubles the inside usable space. The portable kennel then gives your pet some room to stretch out in while traveling (who doesn’t want more stretch room on the plane?), but still be safely contained.

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The Lambo is made of waterproof material with several panels of tough but breathable see-through mesh so your pet will be contained in a safe and comfy enclosure that will allow your pet lots of fresh air and the ability to maintain eye contact with your pet if needed. The lightweight design will fold for easy storage when not in use, and is sure to make traveling with your furry family member so much easier..for you and your pet! Check their Kickstarter out–there are some pretty cool rewards!

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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