Houzz Survey Says That Pets Rule The Home

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Houzz releases the results of its first-ever survey of how U.S. dog and cat parents accommodate furry family members with pet-friendly home interior design.

You know that song “Happy” by Pharell Williams? (Yes, now the song that will now be playing through your head all day.) Well, according to lifestyle website and interior design online community Houzz Pets & the Home, “happy” is the driving force behind pet ownership. It seems their recent survey of pet owners throughout the world identified “Makes Me Happy” as the number one benefit of being a pet parent.

This question was just one of a series posed to readers in a survey designed to discover not only how we co-habitate with our furry counter-parts but how we cater to them in our homes.

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Clearly the survey hit a warm and fuzzy nerve with readers around the world as more than 10,000 responded to share their hair-raising opinions on Rover and Mr. Meow Pants, and to confirm what all pet parents have known all along – our households do in fact revolve around pets. To the question “Who Rules the Home?” approximately 70% of cat owners and close to 59% of dog owners the U.S. confirm their pet “shares” this role with them. Wow, if only we could get them to share the bills!

Some of the fun facts Houzz uncovered from U.S. respondents include:

  • Nearly one-third of dog and cat owners have made pet-related upgrades to their home in the last two years (35%), including updating their flooring (38%), room layout (19%) and landscaping (21%). I have to wonder if some of these upgrades include replacing the stuff our tiny hairy teams have damaged or destroyed!

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  • Nearly half of pet parents have dedicated spaces in their homes for their dog or cat (46%). This includes beds/seating areas (61%), dining areas (37%) and play structures (23%). One in five has a built-in pet nook (20%). I wouldn’t say I’ve dedicated space to my felines… it’s more like they’ve claimed space.
  • 53% of cat owners and 41% of dog owners share their bed with their pets at night. Hmmm… no stats for those who have to share a pillow with their fuzzy friend.
  • Pet Peeves? Fur/hair is the top challenge for pet owners in the home (70%), followed by tracking in dirt/mud/outdoor elements (43%) and smells (31%). Yep, definitely agree with these stats.
  • 22% of dog owners spent over $1000 on pet items for the home in the last two years vs. 14% of cat owners. Meanwhile, 31% of cat owners spent less than $100 vs. 21% of dog owners. My guys seem more interested in a twist-tie than a sequinned, feathered, catnip-laced toy. So I am definitely part of the 31%.

Which country is least likely to indulge their furry buddies? It seems that pet owners in France are more reluctant to allow pets into their personal space. In France, 66% of pooches and kitties have their own beds, only 35% of felines are allowed free reign on their furniture (versus 78% in North America) and only 15% of dogs get to curl up on the sofa (versus 48% in North America). C’est incroyable!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

Sharing space with three seriously judgy Schnoodles and a feline who prefers to be left alone. #LivingMyBestLife

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