Human Names, Pop Culture Behind the Most Popular Dog Names of 2015

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2015_Dog_Name_InfographicWhen it was time to name my puppy almost six years ago, I took inspiration from my favorite kids’ show. And it didn’t hurt that my Oscar looked like he lived in a garbage can! Every year, there are new sources for pet parents to draw inspiration from, and 2015 gave us a new list of popular dog monikers.

Rover.com did some research to find out what trends influenced a new crop of interesting names. Top trends and highlights from this year include:

  • Human names are the #1 choice for pet parents. 49% of pet parents gave their pooch a human name (up from almost 20% from 2013).
  • Pop Culture accounts for 10% of all dog names. The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Star Wars names continued to gain momentum, while Twilight, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones names dwindled in popularity.
  • Food and booze inspired names were up 6%, with the top 10 including Peanut, Oreo, Brandy and Porter.
  • The ‘90s are back. Nostalgic names take the top spot for creativity. Just a few include Tupac Shakur, Phoebe Bouffay and Topanga.

Check out all the Rover.com results in the infographic.