IKEA Doggy Parking Bays A BÄD Storage Solution

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Why does IKEA need places for customers to “park” their dogs while they shop? We can’t be the only ones who think that this idea is missing a few screws.

According to the website of Swedish-based and internationally acclaimed IKEA, “we learn by doing”. Well, let’s hope they’ve taken that lesson to heart with this latest venture: Doggy Parking Bays. Yes, it seems the assemble-it-yourself furniture giant decided that pet parents would appreciate the brand’s solution to their “no pooches allowed (exception service dogs)” policy by allowing shoppers in Germany to park Rover on a piece of astro-turf with a water bowl outside the store’s main entrance.

For some reason, the usually innovative and consumer savvy folks at IKEA equated the doggy depository as something akin to luxury U.S. brands Tiffany, Nordstrom’s, Saks, and Barney’s New York who allow shoppers to bring their well-behaved pooches into the store. Message to head honchos at IKEA: nope, not even close. Bringing your little guy into the store versus chaining him outside doesn’t position you as a consumer-intuitive brand and scores of ruffled dog owners agree.

While IKEA is attempting to claim good Samaritan status by advising their intent is to stop patrons from leaving dogs in hot cars while shopping, pet parents state the obvious – if you can’t bring your pooch into the store, leave him at home.

Unlike the brand’s childcare areas that provide supervised entertainment to the little ones and “manland” which was introduced in Australia to give men-folk something fun to do while the little woman shops the mega-store, this latest concept falls short

To the IKEA value that “The Heart Is with Us in Everything We Do.” I would have to say c’mon IKEA, dismal parking bays for our four-legged kids? We know you can do better when it comes to looking out for all of our loved ones.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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