Meet Olympian Gus Kenworthy at NY Petco’s Adoption Event This Saturd

Morgan Sterling
by Morgan Sterling
Here’s one reason to be in New York City on July 9. American Olympian, X Games athlete, and all-around hottie Gus Kenworthy will be at Petco’s Union Square location!

A silver medal wasn’t the only thing American skier, Gus Kenworthy, brought home from the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. During his time off the slopes, Kenworthy explored the city only to witness Sochi’s heart wrenching stray dog epidemic firsthand. He soon came across a loving stray dog and her four puppies roaming the streets and it was “puppy love” at first sight. After news broke worldwide about Sochi officials killing stray dogs off in preparation for the games, Kenworthy feared for the dog’s future and decided to rescue the family.

For an Olympian used to speeding down mountains, this was one hard uphill battle. After a month of trying to get the dogs out of Russia, and the tragic loss of two puppies in the quarantine waiting process, Kenworthy was finally able to find the pets their safe forever homes on American soil. The dogs, mother Mamuchka, and puppies, Mishka and Jake, got their happy ending, but the outcome may not be the same for millions of pets currently in North American shelters.

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Since then, Kentworthy has become a vocal advocate of adopting rescue animals instead of purchasing them from breeders. Everyone knows that shelter animals have so much love to give, and choosing the right pet will save their life. Rescue pets can be such a joy, it’s sometimes difficult to know who rescued who.

Gus recently teamed up with Petco and Unleashed by Petco to celebrate their lifesaving “Adoptions at Petco” initiative in order to promote adoption as an option.

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Kentworthy told Petco, “I’ve travelled all over the world and there seems to be one thing in common everywhere I go, pets in need. I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact shelter pets can have and how incredibly special the bond is when you’ve helped save an animal’s life, there’s no greater feeling than opening your heart and home to a pet in need and I’m proud to be an advocate for all pets who need our support.”

Petco also helps dogs become more adoptable by providing grooming and basic obedience training, watch “Be A Lifesaver” to find out more:

Kentworthy will make an appearance this Saturday (July 9) in New York City at the Union Square Petco to kick off a series of month long family-friendly events being held at Petco locations nationwide. Pet adoptions will also take place, as well as crafting activities and information sessions on taking care of various small animals for kids.

Two paws up for Kentworthy and Petco for taking a stand for animal welfare and helping rescue pets find loving homes! We keep striving for a future of empty shelters where every animal has someone to love and take care of them. For now, supporting adoption initiatives are a great start, so if you’re looking to bring a four-legged friend into your life, consider rescuing one from your local shelter or at adoption events like these.

Visit the Petco website for more information about the event.

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