Military Bomb-Sniffing Dog Joins Handler for Well-Deserved Retirement

Explosives sniffer dog Rick is set to retire after six years in service, but he’s incredibly happy to have found his forever home with his ex-handler, Amanda Cubbage.

Rick is a German shepherd but he’s no ordinary dog. Rick has spent the last six years working hard for the Air Force sniffing out explosive devices in South Korea. Now his career is over, but it’s not the end of the story for Rick. When a military dog retires, it’s important to find them a great home to live out the rest of their lives, loved and in comfort. And what better place than with his former handler!

US Air Force Staff Sergeant Amanda Cubbage worked with Rick in South Korea. They were there for each other and learnt to depend on each other. Through the good times and the bad, Rick was always there by Amanda’s side.

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So it made perfect sense to reunite them when Rick’s career ended and he needed a new civilian home. Amanda knew she had to give Rick a good home and immediately got in touch with American Humane to organise everything.

American Humane do an amazing job reconnecting service dogs with their old handlers and colleagues when they retire. Nobody understands better than Amanda just what Rick has done. He has bravely served his country and saved many lives.

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Now Rick will spend a happy retirement back where he belongs by Amanda’s side. Their reunion was heart warming. Rick recognised his old friend immediately. He’s been much missed by Amanda since they parted ways and she’s so very excited to have him back in her life again. This time though it’s going to be rather different. She’ll know Rick is safe with her. no longer will he be putting his life at risk. Instead he’ll be pampered and spoilt and enjoy some great long walks and no doubt some treats too. Well he does deserve it!

I’m sure they’ll have many happy years together. Happy Retirement Rick, you deserve it!

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Emily Hutchinson

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