Nail & Bone and Halle Berry’s Nail Polish Collection Helps Rescue Pets

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Nothing feels better than paying it forward. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to share the joy and help those less fortunate than us, and four-legged babies are no exception. Each year, 6.5 Million pets enter shelters across the United States, and less than half of those furballs gets a second chance and a new home.

By being socially conscious when it comes to your spending habits, you can do a lot of good for those who need it the most. A company dedicated to improving the lives of abandoned dogs, nail & bone, brings you a collection of lovely nail polishes that will make a perfect gift for your loved one or a special treat to yourself. Their latest product, the exclusive Holiday Collection, was created in collaboration with Halle Berry, and it is inspired by her pets.

The nail & bone by hallewood gift set is packed in a pretty box that features Hale’s dog, Jackson, and holds three bottles of nail polish. The Oscar-winning actress chose the shades herself, which are named in honor of her former pets:

  • “Playdough” (pearly gray) was an Orange Tabby who started off as a movie cat and did tricks for treats! He sat next to Halle when he wasn’t supposed to on the set of Catwoman, and ever since that moment, they were inseparable.
  • “Bumper” (confetti red) was a Toy Maltese who was Halle’s very first dog. She started her career with Bumper and even lived in a homeless shelter with him early on. Bumper eventually became a world traveler and was able to explore the globe with her!
  • “Willie” (black cherry red) was a Toy Maltese Halle remembers as her “shy guy.” He was afraid of his own shadow and wouldn’t even get his feet wet! He was sensitive and quirky, but his favorite thing was music. Halle always left music on for him whenever she was out of the house.

The nail polishes are made in the USA, 8-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. The limited-edition gift boxes sell for $30 (psst- they’re on sale for $25 during the holidays!) and would make a lovely gift for beautholics who love dogs. This year, make your gift count- in more ways than one!