PetSafe’s 2016 Bark for Your Park is Back, $250,000 Up for Grabs

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
If you’ve always wanted to have an off-leash dog park for your furry babies or if your existing doggy park is in shambles, here’s your chance to make all your wishes come true.

Dog parks have wonderful benefits for both humans and their four-legged best friends. They allow us to interact with like-minded individuals to learn tips and tricks about dog ownership, plus they help our pooches socialize with other pets and play around with animals they may otherwise not have contact with.

Should your community be in dire need of a beloved dog park but you can’t seem to find a way to make your dream come true, PetSafe is here to help. Since launching its nationwide “Bark for Your Park” program in 2011, the popular pet brand has helped many communities to build their own off-leash dog parks.

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According to Tracy Mulder, PetSafe’s marketing manager, the company has given away almost a million dollars to help build dog parks. This year, however, their approach to the program is a little bit different.

“Our new Bark for Your Park program is expanding to not only help break ground on new parks, but also help fund maintenance and improvements for existing parks,” said Mulder.

Communities can now submit a grand application for Bark For Your Park program via their website until June 30. Once the applications have been reviewed,the company will reward five new park grants valuing $25,000 each, 10 park makeover grants valuing $10,000 each and 10 park maintenance grants valuing $5,000 each. Award recipients will not only be given these grants, but also given commercial-grade dog park equipment from UltraSite.

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Whether your community needs some help with its existing dog park, requires an entire makeover or still needs to be built, PetSafe will happily review your situation and base make decision. Everyone wins in this situation: your community gets a brand new hot spot where you can set up play dates and more importantly, it’s a safe haven for dogs to run wild and free and make some new friends.

Communities have been awarded the grant will be announced over a 5-week period during August through September. To submit your application, head on over to PetSafe’s Bark For Your Park’s website.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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