Picture of Pitbull Cuddling With Bunnies and Chick Goes Viral

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So you think Pitbulls are dangerous, do you? Well, it’s pretty hard to stick to that belief after a look at this picture. The image, which featured a Pitbull contently hanging out with a chick on its head and a basket of bunnies, has gone viral and got people talking about the breed.

With a reputation of being a vicious and aggressive breed, Pitbulls have been banned in certain states, provinces and countries around the world. But the picture of the “dangerous” dog cuddling with some Easter buddies has gone viral on Imgur after being viewed over a million times.  It has made its way over to Reddit and garnered over 1,500 comments. With the caption of “Your typical violent and aggressive Pitbull,” this picture is giving people a contradictory view of how the public typically sees this breed.

What do you think about the Pitbull being a banned breed, especially after seeing this picture? Please leave your comments below.