Pitbull Petrified Of Suspicious-Looking Pineapple [Video]

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We all have opinions when it comes to the foods we don’t like. Some of us will make loud gagging noises when the offending food is mentioned. Others will politely decline the offering when it’s made during dinner. And others will continuously bark at it, hoping it takes the hint and leaves on its own accord.

Take Stella the Pitbull – she’s making it clear to the pineapple that it’s not welcome in her home. When her owner tries to intervene and show the scaredy pooch that there’s nothing to be afraid of, Stella isn’t willing to make friends with the prickly fruit. And to Stella’s credit, I find that the pineapple is the least trustworthy of all fruits. I mean, look at the tough, spiky outer shell, keeping us away from the sweetness inside. I’m with you Stella – you tell that pineapple you’re not falling for its shifty disguise.

Watch Stella’s pineapple freak-out below – it’s a hilarious video that’ll perk up your Monday.