Police Dog’s Heroic Sacrifice The Inspiration Behind Aron’s Law

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and in Tennessee that includes four legs and a wagging tail.

State Rep Jeremy Durham agrees and will be pushing the state legislature to pass “Aron’s Law”, a bill that honors the supreme sacrifice made by police dogs and that will ensure a felony penalty be doled out to those who intentionally kill a police officer or a fire/search-and-rescue animal. Right now, the intentional killing for killing an official police dog is considered a theft, which can be charged as a misdemeanor. That punishment doesn’t seem to fit the crime, considering that these K-9s put their lives on the line to protect their partners and the public.

The catalyst behind all this lobbying is Aron, a 2-year-old German Shepherd that was killed while protecting fellow police officers during a botched bank robbery almost 17 years ago. What he did saved lives and while the bill is named Aron’s Law, it’s for every dog that’s ever been killed or injured in the line of duty and for every K-9 that’s working out there now.

Tennessee K-9 Officer Brett Spivy is the driving force behind the legislation which is hoped to make criminals think twice before drawing their gun by assigning equal status to all police officers – whether two legged or four.

The House bill is on the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee’s calendar for this week. If all goes well, the Senate version will be on its way to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

[Source: USA Today]

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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