Report: Best And Worst US States For Animal Protection Laws

A new report by the Animal Legal Defense Fund has ranked states based on their laws and the punishments for breaking them.

Delaware Legislation Now Protects Dogs From Breed Discrimination

Common sense may be prevailing. Delaware joins several U.S. states that have adopted "Breed Bias" laws that prevent discrimination against dogs.

City Of Mississauga Passes Milestone Ban On Outdoor Confinement For Pe

With the new bylaw in place, owners will no longer be allowed to leave dogs outside for extended periods of time. Dogs in Mississauga, Ontario, just let out…

TEDD Group Fights for Canine Military Heroes Considered ‘Obsolete Eq

By law, US Military handlers are allowed to adopt their service dogs. But that's not happening, and American Heroes are missing their life-saving dogs

It’s Official: FBI Actively Tracking Animal Cruelty Cases Across U.S

The FBI has launched a tracking system within the National Incident-Based Reporting System, making it easier to track animal cruelty cases across the U.S.

New Bill Passed to Bring Military Dogs Back Home

The Military Working Dog Retirement Act has been passed, guaranteeing that every single military dog comes back home once retired or decommissioned.

U.S. Representatives Pass Bill To Ban Killing Dogs And Cats For Food

The United States House of Representatives has passed a bill that outlaws the killing of dogs and cats for food, though the practice is still legal in 44 sta…

Ohio City Council Revising Dog Ordinance to Include Breed-Neutral Word

An Ohio town proposed amendments that would remove breed-restrictive wording for its community to ensure breed-neutral legislation.

Legislators Want To Ban Companion Animal Consumption In The U.S.

Legislators are adding an amendment to a farm bill that will ban people from purposely killing dogs or cats for human consumption.

New Florida Legislation Allows Therapy Dogs in Court

The justice system is changing around the US, and Florida is the latest state allowing therapy dogs in court to help the vulnerable testify.

UK Government Officials Ban Electric Collars for Pets

The new law that will make the use of electric shock collars illegal was welcomed by vets, animal lovers and pet parents across the country.

Can You Leave Your Estate to Your Dog?

Do you have a will? And for dog parents, you have some decisions to make about how your pooch will be taken care of in the event of your death.

New German Law Would Require Daily Walks For Dogs

We know that exercise is important for dogs, and they love their sniff this, pee-on-that time that comes with daily walks. A new law in Germany would require…

Lawmakers Join Animal Welfare Groups For Responsible Breeder Laws In K

Why would lawmakers and animal welfare groups want to stop a bill that regulates pet store regulations? There's good reason behind their actions!

Florida’s New Law Prevents Animal Abusers From Having Pets Ever Agai

The new bill named Ponce's Law will enable judges to prevent abusers from owning animals again, as well as increase their chance of jail time.

ASPCA Wants The Department of Justice To #GetTough On Dog Fighting Law

Help save dogs from the fighting ring by urging the Justice Department to pursue more dog fighting cases! It’s a despicable crime that was outlawed in…

Lawyers Have Gone to the Dogs: Pet-Nups Are a Rapidly Growing Trend

More and more pawrents are turning to the law to clarify who gets the pets in case of a breakup- now lawyers have their hands full with pet-nups.

Ohio Makes History With Groundbreaking Anti-Puppy-Mill Law

The historic Ohio law is just the first step of what will hopefully be a successful journey to eradicate cruel and irresponsible breeding practices.

New Florida Law Allows You to Break Into Cars to Save Dogs

Way to go Florida! With warmer weather on the horizon, this law comes at the right time, while paving the way for other states to follow suit.

Pittie Parents Outraged Over Demand Letters From City of Montreal

The continuing battle of pitbull owners and the City of Montreal now takes a new angle as it threatens people with seizure of their dogs and hefty fines.

Service Dog Denied Entry Into Elementary School Heads to Supreme Court

A middle-school girl was denied the services of her trained service dog into class. She's now heading to the US Supreme Court with her discrimination case.

Ohio City Bans Dog Tethering Outside Overnight

A new city ordinance in Columbus, Ohio will prohibit people from tethering dogs outside overnight, and place stronger restrictions animal tethering.

New Texas Law Aims To Stop Police From Shooting Dogs

Education is key when it comes to dealing with dogs – and that goes doubly when you’ve got a gun. A new law sets out to train cops from shooting…

Maryland Lawmakers Work To End Breed Discrimination By Insurance Compa

Lawmakers in the state of Maryland have heard the pleas from constituents to stop insurance companies from discriminating against certain breeds of their dog…

Washington State Senate Passes New Legislation Restricting Tethering P

Washington State legislators pass a new bill that prevents dog owners from 'tying up' or 'tethering' their pets with certain types of restraints.

Kentucky One Step Closer To Outlawing Dog Fighting

Kentucky is the last state in the U.S. to end dog fighting – but a new bill is hoping to change all that. We’re pleased to report that the state…

Trump Administration Allows Puppy Mills’ Violations To Be Kept Priva

Florida looks at legislation regarding the selling of puppies from USDA-licensed breeders, but the Trump administration may allow puppy mills anonymity.

U.S. Moves To Make Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony

With a unanimous vote in favor of the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act this week, the United States House of Representatives took a historic…

Arizona To Ban Greyhound Racing by End of 2016

The sport of betting on greyhound racing is on its last legs in the United States. Arizona plans to ban the cruel practice by the end of this year.

New Jersey State Senate Wants You To Take Your Dog For A Brewski

Looking for a beer and a bark with your best bud? If you live in New Jersey, that may be just around the corner very soon! Last week, New Jersey’s stat…

New Legislation May Create “Dog Offenders” List

A new bill being introduced to the Michigan legislature aims to create an offenders' list of 'dangerous dogs' and hold owners more accountable for bites.

New York City Takes Small Step Forward By Starting Animal Abuser Black

New York City passes a law that sets up a do-not-adopt blacklist, preventing pets from going to abusive homes. But is this "voluntary" register enough?

Woman Earns Sick Pay While Caring For Her Ill Dog in Landmark Italian

An Italian court awarded a woman sick pay for time she took off to care for her dog, with the judge deeming the care as 'serious personal reasons.'

California’s New Law Bans Pet Stores From Selling Non-Rescue Pets

New laws across America affecting animals and animal welfare go into effect with California being the first state in the country to mandate pet stores only s…

Lucy’s Law Confirmed In England, Bans Pet Stores From Selling Puppie

Those looking for puppies or kittens in the United Kingdom will now need to look at breeders or rescue groups, as a new bill called Lucy’s Law mandates…

Montreal SPCA Won’t Let Pitbulls Be Put Down Without A Fight

The Montreal City Council passed a bylaw that mandated death sentences for thousands of innocent, healthy dogs. But the Montreal SPCA is fighting back!

Calling All Canadians: Sign The Petition To Ban Electric Shock Collars

We're with David Suzuki! If you're Canadian and against the use of Shock Collars on dogs, you'll want to sign the petition to get them banned.

Montreal Ban Against Pitbulls Passed – And We’re Not Surprised

Montreal's breed ban has many outraged. Shocking, yes... but this comes as no surprise to those who know Quebec's blase attitude toward animal welfare.

FBI Deems Animal Cruelty A Top Tier Crime

Its new designation as a “top tier” crime makes it easier to prosecute crimes and seek out animal abusers. It’s been deemed a crime against…

New San Francisco Law: Pet Stores Can Only Sell Rescue Pets

A new amendment to a health code in San Francisco now bans pet stores within the city from selling dogs or cats - but they can come from rescues.

British Government Wants to Crack Down on Puppy Mill Breeders

To put a stop to backyard breeding, Britain's environment secretary could be placing a ban on all third-party puppy sales.

California Passes Law That Allows Dogs To Dine On Restaurant Patios

Take your dog on a dinner date – new law lets your dog dine with you It’s a great day for Californian foodies who want to bring their dogs out to…

New Federal Law Makes Threatening Pets Punishable by Prison

The Pet and Women Safety (PAWS) Act will help ensure that threats or violence against a person's pets an emotional support animal is punishable by prison.

Logan’s Law Will Mandate Animal Abusers Registry, Tougher Penalties

Michigan hopes to pass a bill called Logan’s Law that will ban convicted animal abusers from adopting and puts their names in an accessible database. T…

“Best Province To Be An Animal Abuser” Introduces New Animal Prote

Tired of the title "best province to be an animal abuser," Quebec sees the light and gets on-board with a new law that will protect the rights of animals.

Thanks to Brexit, UK Government Sets Animal Rights Back Decades

Because of the UK's decision to withdraw from the European Union, the government rules that animals aren't sentient creatures who can suffer and feel pain.

UK Members Of Parliament To Reexamine Breed Restriction Legislation

Members of UK Parliament are examining an old law that restricts people from owning certain breeds, as the law doesn't seem to be preventing dog attacks.

Recent Deaths Spur New Jersey Lawmakers To Regulate Pet Grooming Indus

Legislators in New Jersey are seeking the passing of a bill that would require dog groomers to be licensed, after recent deaths in New Jersey pet stores.

Congress Passes Laws To Fully Prohibit Eating Dog and Cat Meat

You might not think America’s Farm Bill would necessarily mean anything to pets/companion animals, but Congress’s latest passing has given animal…

New Jersey Bill Will Require Dog Trainers To Be State-Licensed

There’s a new bill in front of New Jersey lawmakers, and if passed, would make New Jersey the first state in the country to require dog trainers to be…

Newly Adopted Dog May Lose Forever Home Because of His Looks

Exiling a dog from it's owner solely based on looks? Sounds to us like Waterford Township officials have some explaining to do.

B.C. Lawmakers Crack Down On Guide Dog Impersonators

Service animal impersonation is on the rise, and officials in the Canadian province are looking to put an end to it with tougher regulations. They’re o…

California To Become First State With Animal Cruelty-Free Cosmetics La

California has passed a historic law that will prohibit manufacturers from selling any cosmetic/ beauty products that have been tested on animals. California…

Turkey Passes Law That Requires Pet Parents To Undergo Mandatory Train

Now here’s a law that makes a lot of sense to us. Turkey has just pass a law that anyone who wants to own a pet now has to pass a certification and wil…

Quebec Needs To “Cut the Chain” To Ban Permanent Chaining Of Dogs

If you live in Quebec, the Montreal SPCA wants you to sign a petition that will end the practice of permanent chaining in the Canadian province.

Historic Bill Banning Puppy Mill Pet Store Sales in Hands of Californi

Legislation that will ban the pet store sale of all dogs, cats, and rabbits from commercial breeding facilities waits for governor's signature.

Why Isn’t Service Dog Fraud Against The Law?

Fake service dog certifications cause problems for real working dogs. There's a law in the works to close in on this scammy trend - and you can help.

New California Bill Only Allows Pet Stores to Sell Rescued or Shelter

A new law in California makes a strong statement about puppy mills -- it would be illegal for pet stores to sell animals, unless they're from a shelter.

PACT Act Would Make Animal Abuse A Felony Across The Country

A new bill re-introduced by two members of the U.S. House of representatives would make animal cruelty a nationwide felony offense, and those convicted of th…

Certain Breeds Get The Boot From Luxe Co-Op, Owners Cry ‘Dog Racism

Apparently, pedigree is everything at an upscale New York Co-op, as the board plans to use DNA tests to ban certain breeds from the building.